So GW2 BWE coming.

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Who is planning to partake in it?
Spent first BWE doing nothing but sPVP and a little bit of WvWvW.
Stress-test nothing but WvWvW and this weekend I plan to take a deeper look into crafting (especially cooking). Maybe do a few dungeon runs if one of my toons is high enough.
I'll be playing as well. I've planned on buying the game from day one since I love the original. I have the Digital Deluxe so can't wait to give it a shot.
I am planning on being there too. Maybe this time I will be able to spend most of the weekend playing it rather than just a couple hours late on Sunday, thanks to technical difficulties, so my experience is pretty limited. I never played the original, so I have quite a learning curve.

It is the concepts behind the game that interest me the most. The whole MMO mechanic needs an infusion of creativity and I am hoping GW2 is it.
I just bought GW2 from arenanet on a whim, seriously looks pretty amazing. Been waiting for a long time for both Diablo 3 and GW2.

The reason im going to love this beta weekend is because it will help me learn the GW curve. I can honestly say that while I owned the original guild wars, I didnt get a chance to delve into it due to purchasing a mac shortly after. Now I got a gateway FX and am worried about game performance XD

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