Died during cutscene after LivingSiegebreaker

Bug Report
I suppose this could be called a Quest Bug, I'm not sure what else it would fall under.

Playing solo, I killed the Living Siegebreaker in Act III on Normal and clicked the zone gate to go to Arreat Crater Level 1. The cutscene played and when it finished and the new zone loaded, I was greeted with the death screen and I can see a pack of rare mobs running around that are what killed me.
well, this is due to the fact that while you are watching the cutscenes for a new act (ie something that isn't in-game) your character is still in the new area, while you are not controlling him/her. This has actually happened to me once or twice, and while although not a huge deal, it's a bit annoying and a pretty weird design. But yeah, all you have to do to be sure this doesn't happen again is to just skip the cutscene, and you will actually get to watch yourself get mauled to death by blues, instead of just being greeted by a death screen.

Hope this helped.
This needs to be addressed for Hardcore players. As if Inferno act 2+ wasn't a pain enough for HC players... Loading death = the ultimate brick wall.
I know exactly why it happened, I was never questioning that. I just wanted to report an issue I found. Thanks for trying to help anyway.
I had the exact same thing happen today to my level 59 Witch Doctor after Siegebreaker in Hell. I know Blizzard's policy on never reviving Hardcore characters and i totally understand it, but this is utterly frustrating. Dying to lag i can live with if it happens, but dying to such a ridiculous game design choice is ridiculous.

The fact that a character "stays active" during a cut scene in a multiplayer game makes perfect sense from a design perspective, but when playing solo, a cutscene definately should (and you assume it does) pause the game, just like nearly all context menus do.

Very frustrated about this death, just about to hit my first 60 hardcore char, and it wasn't even remotely my fault.
I didn't see your thread when I posted mine: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7979899152

Same thing happened to me except that the cut-scene stopped early (you're character must be tougher than mine).

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