Anyone using fury spenders?

Do anyone use any fury spender at all aside from cooldowns?

I loved seismic slam and hammer of the ancients but that was only in normal difficulty. Maybe for a brief time in nightmare too. Ever since then it just didn't feel good enough since monsters' hp gets a huge boost and the damage is just not that good if you can't spam it and you can't spam it unless you aim for fury generation in your build. So yeah, those secondary skills have been away from my ui for a long time now. Last time I tried using it I had the idea I could live forever stacking crit and armor + relentless + whirlwind (health funnel). It didn't go out very well lol

So, do anyone still use those? I think they are really cool skills, but i just don't get to fit them in any build right now in later difficulties...
I'm using Seismic Slam with the extra knockback rune. I use it to keep guys CC or to get them away from me. I can't hit them with fury if they are behind me as easy so I try to keep most baddies away with that skill and take a couple out at a time.

With champion packs...similar issue. Try to knock a few back and damage them before I used WotB and Earthquake to melt their faces.

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