A barbarians trip through hell

Hebashu, a very powerful barbarian, met his usual companions on a rather dark and gloomy day. They group outisde of a tower, where a servant of Diablo himself, Azmodan, has been hiding. Assault after assault is being staged on the local population. The epic battle between the humans views of right and wrong has completely consumed this area.

The monk and sorceror that accompany him are also of very considerable skill level. The goal was to get a little bit closer to the problem affecting Earth, Heaven and Hell. However, Diablo and Azmodan are not going to make this easy. They initially charge into the first level of the tower. The hero's are assaulted by every variety of creature that has only been seen in their worst nightmares. The heros persist through the tower, taking every challenge head on, fighting with every ounce of energy they posess. Soon, they have reached the stairs to the next area of the tower.

After a few bouts with some of the lesser beings that inhabited the former area also, something came upon them that has never been seen. A very powerful beast has assembled a whole army, and taught them the vile magics it has learned. Not only are they able to focus the energies of fire and poison, but they can make multiple copies of themselves, effectively confusing anything in their path. The hero's bravely engage the group, knowing it is one of the last obstacles in the path of today's goal.

The battle is truly epic, worthy to be told to the future of this world as a remnent of what it has taken to get to where we are. For what seemed an eternity, the heros and demons put on a show that a ballet would be jealous of. In and out, left and right, they jockey for position, each one reacting to the last move with what the limited time allows. Hebashu often puts himself in between the the evil and good of this world, no concern for his own safety. Today is no exception.

The only problem was, he made one false step on a small stairway. The demons immediately found this fault and conjured their images. The barbarian is now completely surrounded by uncountable foes, being slashed at from every angle possible. He holds his ground, more because of no choice than bravery at this point.

Hebashu shouts, "I'm !@#$ed!," as a pool of poison and fire open beneath his feet, unable to move.

The monk lets out a terrified scream, as he says, "I'm coming hang in there!"

attack after attaack, slamming a potion, bearing down with every last way he knows how, the barbarian makes his final assaults. It just isn't enough at this point, and soon he succuumbs to the pain of the fire.

"Damn!", he screams

He dies

The wizard lets out a soft chuckle, knowing the inevitable is just that.

His ghost says, "Damn ii...God damn it."

And all falls silent

Shortyly later his firends bury the corpse, out of respect. Inscribed upon the tombstone: "Rest assured, in this never ending cycle of life and death, your role will soon be filled again." Hebashu only ever hoped the next part of the cycle is better than the last. That the future learns from the mistakes of the past.

PS> I enjioy writing and this is how I percived the death of a character-level 60-85 hours played. The dialeect is actual ventrilo conversation, to all those who wonder why we enjoy hardcore, the reasons are in this story, maybe more metaphorically than one would like, but it brings the feeling out.

Hope you enjioy!!!
I enjoyed this, thanks. RIP
RIP Hebashu! Say Hi to my LvL 27 (36hours) and LvL 47(50 Hours) Daemon Hunters while your up there.
Problem: You are using ventrilo!

Use skype instead because PTT is a !@#$%.
haha, i'll say hi, though he has already been replaced, the next in the cycle.

lol I love ventrilo, PTT is annoying, but i just set it to the same hotkey as revenge so that when i'm talking it goes off if possible!
06/01/2012 09:06 AMPosted by burrz
lol I love ventrilo, PTT is annoying, but i just set it to the same hotkey as revenge so that when i'm talking it goes off if possible!

I lol'd
Nice story. May he rest in peace and his friends find their way to him just as epicly.

Side note: Skype runs like crap on my comp for whatever reason so I am a Vent/Mumble person, myself.

Thanks, hope you all are enjoying the game!!

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