Why do demon hunters suck?

Demon Hunter
Before 1.02/1.03 patch, I hated using DH because it was cake walk due to Smokescreen :)

So I played monk, and got the challenged I wanted.. when we've reached 1.04 and playing as a Monk.. challenged was kinda reduced.. so I went back to DH, and lo and behold, now we're kinda, KINDA, getting the short stick, still. it's good to do challenges. I play to entertain myself and not just roflstomp stuff >_< It gets boring that way.
Yeah, you have got to boogie down when you play that GG glass cannon. +10 DISCo Balls
waaaaa waaaaa waaaaaa.... same old song...

you have choices with the DH. Surviveability or DPS (unless you are the uber-elite that can afford both).

I have a dh tank I spent about 30m on ... that can sit in 5-6 sentries no problems.

I have a dps setup where I get 1-shotted.

Choice for gear and skills are up to me. Stop all the whining about 1-shotted etc. That is your choice to get 1-shotted. You want 300k dps fine... then expect most of you to get 1-shotted because of low resists and/or health as you potentially will be more glass cannon.

As I've posted in many threads here in the DH Forums .. my DH Tank is over 30k DPS (whoopeeee) but has over 1k ALL RESIST, over 2100 LoH, over 70k HP .. etc etc etc.

It is a beast. Not only the gear that I've chosen but also the skills. Sure to achieve those numbers for resists and HP I'm using BOAR and perfectionist.

Those are choices you can make to increase some of your mitigation or beef them up some and lose some CD.

We aren't squishy if we don't want to be. Most just still go for the DPS route and it works great till the higher MP levels where getting shot is basically unavoidable and then you get to restart back at ya checkpoint.
AHh im squishy! just dont go glass cannon and trade off survivability for damage
I haven't died on my DH in 8 runs. Half of those were mp6+. It is NOT hard to survive on a DH, my gear isn't even that good and I have no trouble. How do you people die so much? I started keeping track of how many runs I go without dying after hearing so many DH complain about survivability. You have a skill that grants CC immunity and invincibility. You have a get out of cc free with no cooldown that also does 300% weapon damage. You have a skill that grants 35% damage reduction AND 15% lifesteal for 5 seconds, with no cooldown. You have caltrops that stun for 2 seconds and slow for the rest of the time they're in there, again, with no cooldown. Get 45+ Disc, get high crit, and get nightstalker. Oh, don't forget about prep, that heals all disc and 60% hp.
Try shadow power/gloom over smokescreen. With decent gear you should be able to stand in the middle of elite packs or large groups of mobs and not die. Get high crit chance and use nightstalker and you can pretty much use it endlessly.
DH don't die instantly if you get their resistances up. Mine had that problem in inferno but after messing with the gear a bit she does pretty decent. I still die but if you play smart you can do just as well as any other class. Just learn to play your class how it's supposed to be played.
If you have over 300 eHP and are decent at Vaulting I really don't think demon hunters suck at all. I think a DH is just as good or better than the other classes except for the Barb.
barb isnt rly better than dh imo.
with enough hp/res to survive a few hits and a decent attack speed DH can tank fairly well act4 inferno untill mp3...i can with mediocre armor and im a noob. Hurts dps a little, but not enough to make DH suck imo.
Just switch from wd to dh, demon hunter have a lot more survivability, I had 2x more ehp and a lifesteal wepon on my wd before and still had trouble with reflect damage pack.

With dh you just pop gloom and your good.
06/01/2012 06:00 PMPosted by Stabynarwhal
Yes the damage output is huge, but getting one shot by just about anything if you aren't paying attention for half a second is just stupid. Anybody else got any problems with it?

there is no sucky class, only sucky players.
barb isnt rly better than dh imo.

Yes they are. Ask anybody who has put in a lot of time in this game and 99 out of 100 will tell you the Barb is the best class in this game.
Few tips that may or may not work:

Shadow Power with the rune that reduces incoming damage. Get some decent life steal and reduce incoming damage. It's saved my life on Belial on Inferno.

The skill to focus and restore all discipline has a rune that heals a good amount of hp when used. I was told it can be used as an "oh $#&#!" button to quickly heal up.

If you wanna try using sentry with the last rune. It makes a barrier around the sentry that reduces incoming damage as well. Better than the healing sentry rune.

Try setting the Templar Merc to increase resource regeneration, healing, and for him to stun opponents and to keep em preoccupied.

Also DH can use that distance for an advantage against some bosses. I've beaten Azmodan only getting hit by the black circles and raining limbs attacks. Not a single fireball hits me thanks to having a good distance advantage and a quick vault. Though if you get elite packs right at the entrance of dungeons well that's quite troublesome.
DH is easy...

make sure you have these:
all resis
life on hit
life regen
800-1000 vit.

then use grenades and boom...your a walking tank.

no need for retarded high dps.
Thing about DH, yeah they **@!%%#@ everything mp 0-4/5 I have 330k dps w/o ss, however once you go past that point, eg doing mp 10 crypt of the ancient runs, it would take my DH 20 times longer with atleast 4 deaths then my barb/wizzard/wd/monk would do it without deaths. It is not that DH can't take a hit, it is that they have no ability they can use with any ofther they have VERY low effective dps, one shot one hit, or bola yay spash for 5 hits. Well every other class has skills that hit multiple times in fast succession for more crits and more fuel to continue the attack. DH simply runs out of either hate or disc and they die. And they WILL run out, otherclasses have better upkeep. I am mostly talking about barb because I feel it's by far the easiest for me to use. Once I hit 100k dps, I was out doing my DH at 330. Even when I exchange my DH gear stright over to my monk, my monk kills 30x faster because of more effective skills.
yay necro
what r u all talking about?..
DH rocks! the whole lack of edps is over exaggerated.
TC has no idea what he's talking about.

Check my profile. I'm still a demonhunter main and I've used around 1.8bil total gold over the course of a few months to create my demonhunter. Sure, things like nice on her for what I want though I'd prefer more dps and all resists and hp.


Certainly not the best demonhunter around but I'd say I'm doing well. At least average. :)
I can run MP8 very very slowly. MP7 is sort of a sweet spot, any higher and it's a waste of freaking time for me because it's so slow.

So, a few days ago, I decided to finish putting my barbarian to 60 and make a throw barb. For the lulz, for fun, whatever. Because I had found a few extra items that a barbarian might like going to MP3 or so or whatever I thought and I always liked weapon throw, even from Diablo 2.
So I made a barbarian, got some cheapo IK items off the GAH for around 50mil total or so. Randomly threw together some other items that I had found while on my demonhunter. So I got this ~100k dps barb with 60k hp and 400 resists. Big deal.
I take him to MP3 and he slaughters everything.
I take him to MP5 and he kills much faster and survives much more easily than my 1+bil demonhunter. I take him to MP8 and he kills much faster than my demonhunter and survives.

And mind you, this was a throw barb. I was just playing around. Every other axe throw is a 300k+ crit hit. My demonhunter barely hits 150k crits and their attack speed is about the same when comparing hungering arrow to weapon throw. What the hell?

Then I randomly cobbled together a whirlwind barbarian and I was running MP8 while my much more expensive demonhunter could scarcely get by on MP7.

You can tell he was a stitched together barbarian because the Echoing Fury was found by me and I expected to use it for weapon throw. Fearing enemies when trying to whirlwind them just isn't so good but whatever, still faster than my demonhunter. I mean, seriously, my mempo on my demonhunter was about 400mil. That's about ten times the amount I spent gearing up my barbarian with random IK junk with buy it now prices, a mediocre Vileward, a co-opted amulet from my demonhunter, and random crappy offhand and echoing fury mainhand.

Pathetic and sad? I think so.
How to fix demonhunter? Make it so we're not stuck using literally one hatred generator + one hatred spender + four utility skills just to survive anything. I know you can get by without smokescreen since we have SP-Gloom but I don't feel like giving up smokescreen because I don't see anything else worth using in its place. Turrets take away hatred that I'd rather use for Lightning Ball or discipline generating multishot. Rain of Vengeance just sucks hardcore. It never does what you want it to do. The times it does go up to be useful it doesn't even do much at all. You waste an entire skill slot on it just to fire some arrows for a few seconds or to try and drop bombs on an elite that 100% most likely will not stand still for you and your RoV bombs.

So, everytime, I go back to smokescreen. I don't see a point in using anything else.
I can argue to take out backup plan. But again... what do I replace it with that's better than bola/hungering for hatred generation? What do I replace it with that will do more damage or provide me more than lightning ball or spike traps or suppression fire? So I just put backup plan back on.

With barbarian? I could do whirlwind, hammer of the ancients, cleave, remove cleave, put in leap, remove hammer of the ancients, in put overpower, remove whirlwind, put in weapon throw, remove weapon throw, put in anything and it'll still freaking work. Demonhunter, I'm stuck on this one thing. And I don't even see how rapid fire buff is going to help at all unless it procs nightstalker a metric ton to help me sustain gloom because without gloom it's just ggwp.

I'm sure demonhunters with 400k+ unbuffed damage that can kill much faster has a different opinion but coming from a guy like me who worked hard on a demonhunter and then scraped together a better barbarian inside of 2 days? That's just pathetic. Jay Wilson's favorite is showing through too well.

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