Difficulty issues, come Hell or high Inferno.

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Hello. I have been playing Blizzard games since Rock and Roll Racer first took to the streets. I enjoy Diablo III probably just as much as everyone else, but I am nearing my breaking point now when it comes to the absolutely horrible difficulty curve when it comes to Act II, Hell difficulty and above.

As a Monk, I have tried multiple rune combinations and skill sets. Most packs of normal enemies don't really get me down. I heal, I potion, I find more potions in the giblets, and repeat.

Whenever I'm confronted with a pack of blue elites or a gold champion. I die. Repeatedly. Swiftly. Uncontrollably. Effortlessly. Inhumanely.

I heal, I pot, I die. I come back and if they're vampiric or invulnerable tagged, I just give up and play another game to avoid a ten thousand gold repair bill trying to kill them. Arcane? Difficult but you can dance around lasers more often than not now. Molten? Sucks to be melee. Fire chains? Sucks to be melee. Frozen? Not so bad with dodging the ice, but if you're caught by an ice ball hidden by the environment or lost in the fracas, you're dead. Arcane Molten Vampiric Invulnerable Frozen? Might as well throw my money into the ocean and give up.

I am hearing that there are a lot of complaints over this brutal difficulty curve, and nearly every time I run into any sort of group, I end up getting mercilessly killed far more than I think is necessary. My health drains in seconds from whatever fire, poison, desecration is on the ground fast, and by the time I click somewhere to move, I'm usually at low health or already dead.

I'm not worried about the repair bills, I've found enough gold to take care of them and still have an enjoyable experience. It's that sheer frustration of running into a wall repeatedly with nearly every other random combination of increasingly vicious appellations. It's not a difficulty curve, it's a sheer cliff. Made of razor blades and laughing skulls.

I don't like joining a game with my friends only to die horribly five to ten times more than they do just because they're a wizard or demon hunter or witch doctor. I don't know how bad Barbarians have it being a melee class, but I am tired of being nearly instagibbed as a monk on every blue or gold monster out there.

Please refine the difficulty of elite and champion monsters to be more melee friendly. I don't appreciate feeling like a burden to my friends.

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