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I just !@#$ing lost my staff what the %^-* blizzard fix your !@#$ you %^-*ing !@#$%^-s.
yeah so everyones lost their staff......
i put mine in my stash because i was going to inferno and now its gone.

any ideas of how to get it back or do i have to make the thing again???????????
Put it on your enchantress for safekeeping.
1) take staff from enchantress by the cow skeleton
2) summon cow king but do not talk to him
3) return staff to enchantress
4) Now you can tell your friends to join your game or talk to the cow king and head into whimsy with no worries about your staff
Same here... Staff missing from the stash in hell, but after switching to nightmare/normal it is appear again. Then back to hell and getting my stash full, switching to normal/nightmare - and staff gone. wtf?
Well since Customer Service has irritated me and my last message sent has directed me here. Let's go down the public road. Keep in mind I had not posted on this issue, and was trying to resolve it without going to the public.

My staff of Herding normal has gone missing. I don't want a reply that says it was accidentally sold/traded since it is bound to my account. It was sitting in my stash on my main character. I just acquired enough gold to upgrade it, and I have the new recipe for nightmare staff already on my blacksmith. Don't tell me you can't replace it. It's a simple code item. YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE CODE. This needs to be fixed asap. This is not my problem. I didn't drop it on the ground for any reason. Just like hundreds of others it's been lost due to YOUR mixed up code. This needs to be reimbursed for every single person, including myself. We've spent time and money to farm the items needed for this. Take the time to read the complaints that are submitted to you, and don't send a blanket email that says we can't replace it. Get it fixed!
Customer Service Representative

We received your report about an issue with items in Diablo III. Please be advised that Blizzard customer support is unable to assist with items or restoration of items in Diablo III.

For additional information about issues that support can assist with, please visit

Blizzard Entertainment
Well, that's fine, but that still doesn't solve the issue of a bug with Your code in your game. I farmed the items to make the staff of herding for hours. Spent enough gold that I also had to save up for. If you can't fix the issue, then send the request to your coders. You obviously have email available with which to email me back and let me know that you can't fix it. Then instead of pissing me off with a useless reply, take the time to do your job which is in fact, Customer Service, and send this issue to your coding department as part of a patch to have the issue fixed. Take a look at your forums, last time I checked yesterday there were about 3,000 posts of this same nature. This is not coincidence, and quite frankly I will continue to send you these types of emails until it is remedied. We as a fan base are quite sick of your lack of not only caring in these matters, but not taking the proper steps to actually ensure the customer who purchased your product is actually happy. Yes, you've taken years to develop the game, yes it's great, but this lack of customer care and consideration is abominable. There's a reason I stopped paying to play WOW some time ago. The allure of things like Rift and Swtor were very nice. This is obviously a boldly misplaced coding error that is in no way my fault nor my problem, except in the fact that you are not willing to do anything to fix said issue. Please, just fix it, if you can't like you say, then send it to the proper party to do so. You have people who are doing fixes on all sorts of issues, you can surely flag this as a bugged issue with the proper department. I see that Wow has in game battle-net restoration available dated as of 5/1/2012. I don't see how this isn't feasible with Diablo 3? Just fix the problem and we won't have to continue this waste of time and effort on both of our parts. This is not my issue, it''s a bug that has come from your end. The item is account bound and not sellable!
Customer Service Representative

Thank you for contacting the Blizzard Entertainment Game Master department!

I know that situations like this can be frustrating but, as explained on our Diablo III Restorations support article (, Customer Support cannot assist with the restoration of sold, destroyed, or lost items. It does not matter how your "Staff of Herding" was lost - we will not be able to restore it.

As you explained in your ticket, some other players have reported similar issues. Thus far, our Quality Assurance team has yet to find a situation in which the item hasn't been simply dropped on the ground by mistake, but I'm going to see about passing your report along as well to assist them as they continue to look into the situation.

One other point I wanted to touch on, since you brought it up in your ticket, was your comment that you intend to continue to submit tickets about this until it is resolved to your satisfaction. Again, I can totally understand the frustration a situation like this can cause but we will not be able to restore your "Staff of Herding" under any circumstances, no matter how many tickets you submit. It is simply not something that Customer Support will be able to assist with and the matter is considered on our end to be closed.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about any other issues, please do not hesitate to let us know. Thanks, and take care! :D


Game Master Bhorsin
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment

P.S. You can review this and all your previous tickets by visiting
Well, you're right you can't fix the problem it seems. Wow amazing you must have 3,000 plus people who just amazingly dropped their staff on the ground because that seems to make the most sense. Could it possibly be, just like all the login issues, accounts being totally gone globally, that maybe, just perhaps you guys screwed up? Is this such a situation that you are so crass as to say this is my fault and you can't accept blame on your end signifying that your coding is screwed up? Yes, let's blame the other party and not take our fair share of what is rightfully a fault on YOUR end! What a ludicrous statement. Let's put this in a real world scenario. I buy a new car, it's amazingly stolen, the police then blame me because I just must have left my keys in it. Yes, let's look at that quality assurance staff you have. Could this be the same staff that works so diligently to ensure we have access to servers and are able to login after patches go through? Do you think, maybe, perhaps, that's there's just the slightest possibility something could be happening in your thousands of lines of code that could be causing this issue? You still didn't answer the simple question that was posed before which refers to your restoration of WOW items. Why is it this same system can't be utilized and replaced via an exact matching system? Why don't you seemingly have backup logs of characters that would allow rollbacks of character to their prior saved states. Especially when people continue to notify you about these types of issues. Why in fact should I even continue to purchase your products or services from Blizzard for any reason, when simple issues of missing items can't be restored? There are things called checkpoints that allow you to save your in game progress, the same checkpoints that can continually be updated to your character. Why don't you have backup systems for the same items under these parameters? Why are we still arguing? Just fix it!!
I didn't await another response before posting this next thread to C/S.

I'll await your witty reply where you continue to blame me for dropping my staff on the ground. The staff was in fact in my stash after I logged off. I return and it was gone, it's blatantly as simple as that. Here's a quick point to note if you seem to think that it being dropped on the ground is the big problem. Make the item !drop, wow what a concept. Have your gaming department go through via your GM's in game and restore the lost items after you make this change and patch. You would still be able to access the item in your stash and there wouldn't be this so called possibility of you thinking people are just dropping them on the ground. I never asked customer service to restore my item. I'm simply informing you that there is a bug with this item. Don't lay blame on me, I'm not stupid enough to grab such a valued item, and drop it on the ground. I have an entire stash with multiple gems, rare items, potions etc... I don't have mistaken problems grabbing any of these items and just dropping them on the ground. Just accept the fact that it is your fault and accept it. You know, we as a public entity will continue to correct you when you are in fact wrong in this scenario. I don't personally care if you continue this matter closed. I DO NOT! This is still an abomination of customer service. How you are in fact handling this situation is highly ludicrous! I myself am in the service industry. I'm a very successful manager in the food industry. If I were to treat a customer, blaming them, and not able to offer a successful solution I would lose my job. Perhaps, it is in fact just easier to lay the blame on our end, because you as a company have too much pride to accept your fair share of the blame. Please, just take the time to think about this rationally. I'm not expecting you to fix the problem as customer service. I want a GM to fix the problem in game. I'm asking for my single item to be returned that was never lost due to my fault. Thanks.
Customer Service Representative

Thanks for contacting us. I am sorry that I was not able to catch you while you were online, as I was looking forward to chatting with you to resolve your ticket.

While I understand your frustration at losing your staff of herding at the present time there are no confirmed known issues of the staff randomly disappearing. The only 2 confirmed issues with the staff of herding is that if your inventory is full the staff will drop on the ground when being created/ upgraded, and that it can occasionally be sent to the wrong tab in your stash when you place it there.

We are continuing to check and confirm that these are the only 2 issues with the staff of herding at this time though, but presently the most common cause of loss is for the item to be accidentally dropped as it is presently a white item. The color of the staff (and several other items that are commonly being dropped because they are white) are being changed in an upcoming patch to make them more noticeable. I apologize for any frustration this may have caused you.

Thanks again for contacting us, and have a great day/night!


Game Master Zodwyth
Customer Service
Blizzard Entertainment
Here we are again with you avoiding a simple issue I've stated in multiple messages so far. Why is it that WOW has item restoration available dated for use as of 5/1/12? Why is it? Why do you not have item restoration available in Diablo 3? Why would you not think something of this caliber style event would happen in Diablo 3? Why have you not gone to lengths and measures to provide backups for items in Diablo 3? Why, since there are save points do you not allow character rollbacks in Diablo 3 to easily correct these problems? You are still avoiding the issue of why there is no system in place to correct this item being lost. It's as simple as that. If you can in fact make a system to not only correct lost items, but your GM's in-game for WOW can look at this on a case by case basis, then I don't understand why this can't be fixed. Does it boil down to a simple matter that WOW players pay to play per month, so they are deemed more worthy of time spent by your IT department? Are we just to the stage where those that hand you a little more cash to play your games have become more important and valuable to you? So, as I've said before and will continue to say, I WILL NOT consider this matter closed until it is resolved. I have no intention of letting this matter slip through the cracks, and I will continue correspondence until such time as I see a proper fix in place. You continue to avoid two major issues here. I will reiterate the fact that you avoid my statements of your ability via to restore WOW items, but will not comment on a similar system for Diablo 3. I would love to hear an answer as to why this is the case for WOW and not Diablo 3. I will also reiterate the fact that I know you as Customer Service cannot fix this matter. I want a GM in-game to restore my item. I don't expect you to fix this as customer service. I expect it to be resolved in-game via a GM. This is all I am asking of you, restore my item in-game. Thanks
So, here is the last post of my thread with Customer Service. I guess they are already sick of me contacting them with a problem in game. So, my suggestion is keep sending them your problems that you have found with the Staff of herding. They told me to come here and make it public, since the dev's supposedly read these forums all the time. In the meantime, I will continue to update them with my lack of satisfaction in their ability to do their job and fix a problem with their game.

Customer Service Representative

Thank you very much for your feedback of this issue. to get your feedback heard, the best spot is on our forums at Our developers read the forums regularly for feedback and suggestions to game. Unfortunately at this time however we are unable to provide item or gold restorations/reimbursements. Our restoration policies for Diablo can be found at

Should you need more help with the issue hit "I Still Have a Problem" and this will expedite your ticket so that we can further assist you. On the other hand if you feel this has resolved your issue simply hit "Mark as Resolved" and this will close your ticket out.


Game Master Busloch
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment
@ MorriganGrey
I like your idea here, but I think the real issue at hand is Blizz needs to fix this problem outright. We, as players, should not have to do work-arrounds to appease their lack of ability to not only correct the problem, but fix the coding issues with it in the first place. If I decide to not wait for Blizz to fix this, I will most likely use this method, so thanks for the heads up.
Just lost my infernal staff of herding this morning - was using it last night and having fun farming ponies - even saw it in my stash while browsing the AH. Go to play the game, check my stash, boom - gone...wth blizzard...seriously
06/17/2012 08:21 AMPosted by BLAZEoneK
Just lost my infernal staff of herding this morning - was using it last night and having fun farming ponies - even saw it in my stash while browsing the AH. Go to play the game, check my stash, boom - gone...wth blizzard...seriously

Sorry to hear, just like so many other people who are experiencing the fallout from this coding issue. Blizz keeps wanting to lay blame on us as players so they don't have to take the blame for yet another coding blunder. Hey blizz, just fess up and take the blame, replace our lost staffs and give us one less reason to complain on the forums.
Heard a rumor that it sometimes disappears from your inventory if you try to pickup an item with insufficient inventory space while carrying the Staff.

Best way to avoid this is to immediately TP after entering the level & stick staff in Stash.

No clue if this is a confirmed bug or not, and yes stashing/unstashing is aggrivating, but hardly as aggrivating as farming all the items + gold again.

Just a rumor. People are just dropping it without realizing and than blaming it on a bug.
Same thing happened to me, but I'm ABSOLUTELY sure I din't drop it, cuz I just entered Whimsyshire and closed the game because I was tired. When I started playing this evening I didn't find the staff neither in the inventory nor in the stash.
Definitely a bug, add me to this list of hate.
hi there,
I also have this issue with disappearing of the stuff. I did not spent time with putting together all 5 items and then throw the stuff to the grass. Really funny.

This is 100% a bug. We want it back :)

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