butcher glitch?

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15,000 dps is nothing dude. My monk with 25k life, 8.2k armor, 800 resist all and a lousy non-loh 780ish dps weapon pulls off 16k - and I completely ignore DPS while I gear up. Not even stacking IAS at all. A3 inferno.

try surviving 5 minutes in hardcore mode with 25k life. my point is that i had to play far tankier then people in normal. also, the ah has far less items since only 4.1% of characters made are hardcore, so its much more difficult to get weapons with that high dps

You can easily do Inferno a1-a2 without dying with 25k life on a monk. Effective HP > HP.

I understand you're on hardcore and that makes things more difficult - but it also means you should be farming more than other people before trying to move on.
For Inferno I would think your DPS is to low. Gear up buddy, I just finished Hell and my DPS is 10k and I expect it to be higher by the time I reach the Butcher.
06/08/2012 01:40 PMPosted by machx0r
i had 400 all res, 45k hp, 5.2k armor and 6k dps. is that too low?? i was all rares mostly lvl 59 and 60 with good stats. fffuuu i dont feel like starting again now

Took me 11.5K dps on my monk to get him down but my build/gear is super defensive with little (no) spirit dumps.

At 7.5K dps I just wasn't able to burn him down fast enough.

For Butcher there's little or no reason to have a super defensive build, he does very little damage to melee and the fire doesn't really deal all that much damage to monks/barbs (aside from having serenity to get through it anyway), I assume with seven sided/mantra of conviction he's quite doable with ~7k DPS, even if you take the time to hug a health shrine or two. I can kill him in 20 seconds with 25k DPS.
Many people are ignoring that its in hardcore T.T
06/08/2012 02:35 PMPosted by Silence
Many people are ignoring that its in hardcore T.T

Doesn't matter. You can stand against the southernmost wall and not be touched by fire and just facetank him.

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