Failed to write to a required file.

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Failed to write to a required file. Please close all other applications, temporarily deactive your anti-virus software, and try again. I already disabled my anti virus and tried to restart the launcher an no go? Is anyone else getting this error?
Got the same msg.???
This is usually fixed by deleting the Diablo III.mfil file. Running the launcher as admin or taking ownership of the Diablo III folder may also help.
Same problem here but nothing seems to work to fix it!
Got the same error. This ended up working for me
Unfortunately that didnt work for me... none of the 'fixes' has yet... still working on it
Got it working.. My diablo folder was "hidden" so I unchecked hidden/read only and it worked!
The hidden file was my problem too. Make sure all the sub-folders are visible.
im kinda late but my dell laptop crashed and ive really been wanting to play diablo lately but everytime it gives me this same error, nothing you guys said helped any requests?? please
11/27/2012They did maintenance this morning, and i got the message we are all talking about. people have commented on the Diablo lll.mfil, and the .tfil files, in the Diablo lll folder, that deleting one of these would fix the issue. I had to delete both, and the launcher updated itself. O and the files might be hidden.11/27/2012
ok that did it....check all files in D3 folder and make sure they are not hidden. Working now. Thank you!!!
WOrked for me as well. I'm really hating the blizzard install fiasco, seocnd time I've had to fix it. Just re-subbed for WoW and the servers all blew up. Blizzard has earned a really bad rep.

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