Auction House Bought Item Problem

Bug Report
I bought this 2 items code:234130962 and code:234099801, but the items is not is my complate list... WHY????? i spent around 1m... the result is nothing.... OMG!!!!!!
GM Please check this 2 items

code:234130962 and code:234099801
you're not alone. it seems AH is overloading. many players, including me, did not receive the items bought. just wait for blue to post.
Please help me check too
code : 234039479

I bought 1 item with error 32302, trans ID:234087389

also won 2 auction :1 belt & 1 boot, money was taken but item now in complete page.
me too...
order no:
Me too... I really did want that ring.
same here.. i bought a chest armor and it's not in completed page.. Order ID: 234236643
Same issue:

same issue

order id: 234168892

I clicked the gold to be sent to my stash, but the Gold just vanished like a joke!
AH failed........
Same here, My item have be completely buyout from others, but i did not received money from the auction house.....
same problem here T_t
blizzard seems still didn't aware that they need to limit the no of items return by search ...

who will actually looks at the item beyond 5 pages ?

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