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When I try to open 2 Diablo 3 clients in different accounts in my pc it doesn't let me.


If I have one client open in my Account #1 [Pc account]
When i try to open a client in Account #2 [Pc Account]

It basically opens the client in the same account where the first client was opened.

So Let's say If i have d3 account open in account #1 and when I try to open d3 client in Account #2 it doesn't let me instead it opens the client in Account #1.

Can someone tell me if there is a fix for this?

Note: This isn't so I can bot or w.e but rather So I can plvl my different account. So I wanna know why this is happening. Also if it's illegal to play 2 accounts at the same time then please do tell me. Thank you.
So no answers yet?

Running two copies of the game on a single pc simultaneously is not supported. You may get it to work but we can't help with doing so or any issues that may arise as a result.

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Omrakos please answer again. Is it legal to run 2 clients at once on 1 PC. One for auction house another for playing. I would like to have an concret blue answer before I invest the 50€ for another copy. I don´t care about support for any problems running 2 clients simultaneously just need to know if it is legal or can result in bans of any account
still no answer... so come on please

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