Weapon speed (IAS) and hit recovery in D3

Need some pro opinions here.

1. Is IAS considered not a very good stats on weapon? The generally opinions I heard is : when a weapon has IAS, it's DPS actually got jumped because the increased speed is added into the DPS showing on the weapon. Considering that, using a weapon with 1.2 speed without IAS and with 800 DPS, is it the same with the same weapon type with 1.40 speed (assume) with IAS and also showing 800 DPS?

2. IAS should scale very well with your life on hit numbers, but if your gears do not have much life on hit, what else IAS can give you other than increasing DPS (of course I understand the faster you can kill the mobs, the less hits you will get this simple idea)? Yes fury, your resources, but what if my build does not need to use fury at all? what else IAS can give me?

3. That comes to my 3rd and most important part of the question, what do we know about how the hit recovery works in D3? To my limited playing knowledge, I do not see much of the hit recovery animation at all for player character (probably none and this element is completedly removed?), but I do see a lots of hit recovery animation on the mobs.

How does it work now? is it still very similar to what we have in D2 - which most people believed that if your one hit will reduce 1/12 of the HP of the mod, it will (or at least have a very high chance) to generate the hit recovery motion.

Now assuming D3 will have the same theory working on the mobs, will it be safe to say that as long as the DPS of your weapon reached that minimum level - at least can 1 hit the mod to reduce its HP by 1/12 or more (we are only talking about the non-eliete here because I don't think most of the one handed can kill a elite in 12 hits or less), the more the IAS you have, actually it could help and give you more survival benefit also - because of this hit recovery animation on the mobs?

Any helps or info regarding these will be highly appreciated.
You have Frenzy and attack speed is nerfed in 1.03
But from what I have seen from the blues : they are not going to nerf the formula on how IAS works but rather nerf the budget of IAS on the items.

Hence, IAS should still remains one of the most (if not the most) important & efficient stats in this game.
Also, talking about Frenzy,

anyone has any stats or numbers to prove if there is a cap for IAS to work with frenzy on your attack speed?

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