Diablo® III Players Banned

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I bet you first thing that happens from this is more sites advertising gold, at higher price because they would say their bots get banned. If only they can get rid of those advertising spams in general chat.. F them, seriously.
if i were to play while sleeping would i be considered a "bot"? lol

mastered walking/sleeping when i was 5 i think i could train myself to do this... XD
Really? That's a freaking joke Blizzard. Thanks for humiliating yourself Blizzard.

p.s.: I wonder how many of those poor guys were banned due to false positives. Yep they can happen because the guy in charge for Warden is a noob.
good to see this!
keep going!
While the banning of the accounts is nice, the damage to the economy is already done and well beyond repair at this point. Guess we'll see how this all pans out.
Now that the economy is already ruined, thx alot.
Finally!!! I love fair games =)
Ban them all /ty
thanks blizzard
Pull a FFXI and say how much gold was removed from these accounts. I love hearing about deflation. xD
Can't wait to enter general and see all the spam still up.
% on each server?
good job, its been so long ppl playing bot all the time
I hope item prices go down a lot. I have 250+ hours gameplay and didn't make 10m gold pickup yet...
What I want to know is, will whose that got banned be removed from my blocked list?
is it normal to have a error msg when it auto-update.
, however, the update contents looks like 1.02b

hope all bak to normal when i wake up tmw
Now if we could stop the gold spam in chat. : |

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