Diablo® III Players Banned

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Banning them doesnt Change the fact that the damage has allready been done, I hope all these attempts to assure people about the Duping going on and what not isnt an attempt to justify you guys not Ressetting Gold/Items because the Damage has been done and If RMAH goes live without a Gold/Item Reset then Nobody is going to bother playing this game anymore. I Can honostly say i still enjoy this game even with the problems and the Twerks that need to be worked out, But If all this Duped gold and everything else is allowed to be left in Circulation I dont see the Point in playing anymore, Whats the point. PLEASE ADRESS THE PROBLEM AND STOP TRYING TO BS EVERYONE!!!
The best part about these bans is that it freezes their accounts and illegitimately earned assets.
did u get rid of the spam bots too?
Just a few thousand? Hope that's only the beginning. There are literally trillions upon trillions of duped currency in the game.
Not a moment too soon.

Thank you. Much appreciated.
Gotta feel bad for Blizzard call center T - 35 and counting.....
ffs now the gold price will go up
06/12/2012 07:24 AMPosted by islander1
Just a few thousand? Hope that's only the beginning. There are literally trillions upon trillions of duped currency in the game.

This. Either the gold has to be all removed to improve the economy or there has to be a rollback to get rid of everything altogether.
Zarhym/Blizzard, well done but I suggest you need to check out your Facebook page. There are those very people laughing at the situation, and are going in with the mentality that "Ill just use bots until I'm banned" - Then they create new accounts and go straight back at it.

I know its not an easy issue to solve, and good on you for taking some action, but is this really a solution and wasnt the whole reason of enforcing online play to stop these sorts of things?

How many alternate accounts will hackers and cheats want to create before they decide to get more enjoyment out of hacking legit accounts and getting fair users banned?

As many as they like I would guess ... Each account will cost them 60$. Hacking legit accounts is not easy unless a player downloads a keylogger.

So you mentioned hacking/botting a couple of times, but how about the gold duping that was not used by hacking or botting?

Gold duping is a hack by my definition. Hopefully Blizzard feels the same.
Good Job! Please keep up with this good work :)
i bet this means all the good deals i got this week were all bogus...... cant wait to log in and see my itms GONE!
What about the gold sellers we have been reporting as "spam" since first week? Also, could you guys add in the future a "GOLD SELLER" report so we can get rid of this freaking cancer in ALL channels?

Lately they have been spamming with friend requests. When this is going to end?
Great job guys, it pained me to see this game starting to go down the same road as D2.
Nice work blizzard :) love seeing ban waves
oh God.. finally.... Thank you.. >.>
Is it possible to publicize the list???? As example to the mass public?!
the gold selling bots r blizzard , sell our gold back 2 us , that they take from us in auction house when we sell something

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