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So this new thing is called RMAH? Looks to me like only a few peeps can get into this...I sure can't.
I purchased the game last nite online. actually played for approximatly 10-15 minutes this morning. get home from work, and I cant get in. says I am banned, suspended. I checked my bank account and the money is back, but I do not understand why.

any ideas, I do not cheat, or boost or any of the above.

can someone shed some light on this?
Just curious how do we know you actually have done anything. From what i can see lots of player are still botting their way into wealth. either your threats are empty or your not doing enough.
I am glad to see this. I hope blizzard will win even though its LITERALLY them against the world.
nice :)
FIX ERROR 81/2/3/4 NOW!!!

I wish you guys could do something about the people selling gold via random chats spamming adds about it and also trying to add friends to sell accounts...it is f'n BS
Banned due to RMAH.

Bought four items and cleared. Bought a 5th and then booted from game and banned for 25 years.

Credit card co says all transactions were approved by them. Bliz cancelled and reversed them. All transactions were under $10.

Used Authenticator and have had the same credit card since WoW launch. Have never had a problem and completed other transactions such as server xfers etc in WoW, again, never a problem.

It took 19 hours for the notification email to reach me. And then it didn't say anything! Just a link back to the battle.net site and told me to open a ticket (duh!).

Two days now, no response from Bliz.

I feel for all the other folks that are banned for being good customers!

I have the same problem with you, "account has been locked due to an auction-related issue". It has been more than 24 hours that I was banned and no response from the Ticket. I just checked to my bank, she said all 9 items that I bought were approved by my bank. Eight of them succesfully transfered but 1 of them is approved by my bank but the reciever are on hold (not collect my money yet).

So, I guess, the item seller must have some credit card or paypal problems, may be the address of he or she not match with the Blizz info. My point is how could I get ban since it is not my fault. Blizz should cancel this transaction or hold it to investigate or just ban the seller.

In addition, how the buyer know which items may create this issue since Blizz allow the seller to post the item for selling in RMAH.

My suggestion is, you should let us know how long the account will unlock? Just cancel the transaction that creates the problem and unlock us. Or not let who has the mismatch address to post item for selling.

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