Any HC guide for overall leveling?

Just curious if there is a guide that list what levels are best for what levels. Maybe just some tips on what levels you may want to be before fighting bosses.

Anything like this available yet?
I play a HC Monk (relatively new). I have read a lot of posts, had a lot of ingame experience, etc. I run a stream when I play HC and I keep clips of most boss fights so I can level reference them when my backups face them.

Check teh site in my signature. It has the clips with the levels noted. Also has a list of HC tips I have picked up along the way.

Have fun!!

Thanks that's interesting. Would like to put together/find something more comprehensive.
Some basic tips, Know the Mobs you're fighting and how they operate both when alive, and when you kill them, this goes for bosses too. Leave health globs on the ground unless you need health. They'll stay there a while. This way when you're running around kiting something, you have something to help you stay alive if you take too many hits (or even just one in nightmare mode, depending on class and build). Vitality is your friend. Mentally mark on the map for yourself where the Health Cauldrons are. They refill after a period of time. While you're doing that, also mentally mark on the map where environmental traps are, and don't set them off. Kite mobs near them, drop a movement debuff and THEN trigger the trap. You'll take some health out, or depending on the trap, disorient the mob some.

Every advantage and all that.
From my experiences:
- Butcher (~Lvl 12)
- Belial (~Lvl 22)
- Azmodan (~Lvl 27)
- Diablo (~Lvl 32)
- Butcher (~Lvl 37)
- Belial (~Lvl 45)

And... stops. I haven't progressed further than this yet.

If you just follow the quest line, you should be the correct level by the time you reach the bosses. Gear-wise, just make sure you stock up on a bit Vitality and whatever boosts your class' damage. I'd suggest keeping your gear no lower than 10 levels under your current char's level.
Levels don't matter 1-40. If the mobs seem remotely challenging, hit the AH, spend some money, come back, kill everything.
06/11/2012 01:39 AMPosted by Krazy
Levels don't matter 1-40. If the mobs seem remotely challenging, hit the AH, spend some money, come back, kill everything.

Pretty much this. Buy one high level gem. Insert into your weapon. See dps quadruple and wreck everything.
just stack primary stat + vit in normal/nm/hell on every class, add in all resists when it starts appearing on gear. might take you a little longer to kill some things but if you prioritize getting high health and defenses over damage, it will ensure you won't die from anything but lag/DC.

inferno is another story entirely.. I think between the game being overtuned ("LETS DOUBLE IT!") + the lag issues & being hit by invisible mobs you'd be nuts to risk your time playing HC inferno atm. get your HC characters to 60 in hell and shelf them until 1.03 when you can play inferno without being one shot by off-screen mobs.

stacking vit is noob, dont do that
check it out
to level in hardcore

and i mean everything ziz zag every map starting at act one
i know it seems redundant but i promise if you do this and buy a new weapon every 5 or 6 levels you'll make it to 60 by or during hell act 1
and really it's just gold from there gl take it slow stay alive
Pro tip - Socketed daggers are the best when leveling early, before you get into the really good level reduced stuff.

It's so obvious I still kick myself for previously running with slower weapons. 1.5 x gems way better than 1.2 x gems.

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