Str/Dex/Int Defensive Comparison

(This applies to all classes, but it would get lost in General Discussion.)

Let's look at how these stats compare.

We will be using effective health, not damage reduced, because effective health is linear for strength and intelligence.

Dodge will also be used in terms of effective health for this comparison.

Effective HP Multiplier From Armor = 1 + Armor / (50*Level)
Effective HP Multiplier From Resist = 1 + Resist / (5*Level)
Effective HP Multiplier From Dodge = 1 / (1 - Dodge)

Armor = Strength
Resist = Intelligence / 10
Effective HP Multiplier From Strength = 1 + Strength / (50*Level)
Effective HP Multiplier From Intelligence = 1 + Intelligence / (50*Level)

As you can see, Strength and Intelligence increase effective health at the same rate.

Dodge is not linear. The conversion is as follows:
0.1% for Dex 1-100
0.025% for Dex 101-500
0.02% for Dex 501-1000
0.01% for Dex 1000-8000

Here is a graph of Effective HP Multiplier vs Strength/Intelligence/Dexterity against level 60 monsters

There are three regions
1-2000 where Dexterity > Strength/Intelligence
2000-3000 where Strength/Intelligence > Dexterity
3000-8000 where Dexterity >> Strength/Intelligence

But for the most part, Dexterity is even.
At lower levels, the Strength/Intelligence line gets steeper.

Effective HP Multiplier From Armor/Resist/Dodge = EHPArmor*EHPResist*EHPDodge

Remember from elementary math class where you had 80 feet of fence and you wanted to find the maximum area rectangle? (answer is a square)
The same applies in maximizing effective HP. If you are lacking a stat, increasing it will give you more bang for the buck.

This includes armor from equipment and +resists. It may be helpful to convert these into primary stats for easier comparison.
1 Armor => 1 Strength
1 All Resist = 6 Ele Resist => 10 Intelligence

So you can first give the primary stats equal weights.
Strength = 1point
Dexterity = 1point
Intelligence = 1point

Some skills may give bonuses to some stats. For example, if you had +25% armor, your new weight would be
Strength = 1.25points
Dexterity = 1point
Intelligence = 1point

Obviously, your primary stat gives you dps, so give more weight to that stat, depending on your goals.

And then give more weight to the stat that you have the least of. (Just look at your details and compare Damage Reduction, Resistance of your choice, and Dodge, and choose the lowest percent.)

If you don't like the randomness of dodge, you can ignore it.

To compare other DR like Missile or Melee DR to another stat, use the following formula:

Effective HP Multiplier From Missile or Melee DR = 1/(1-DR)
EquivalentStat = (EHPStat * EHPM - 1) * 50*Level

So, if you wanted to know how much Strength/Armor is equal to 5% Melee Reduction, and you currently had 6000 Armor at Level 60
EHPArmor = 1 + 6000/3000 = 3
EHPMelee = 1/(1-0.05) = 1.05263
EquivalentArmor = (3 * 1.05263 - 1) * 3000 = 6473.684 Armor
very good post.

I like my dodge to be around 10~20% with my block 20% but if I get confident enough that my gear is good enough that I do not need the all resist buff I will change the rune for +dodge chance.

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