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give tomekeeper, offering 300k, Allanon#2684
I have lucious the depraved up right now if anyone needs... not gonna be a @*** and charge for somethin were all looking for. add friend jaddynnstarr#1589

lost conn waiting, not available anymore
Damn, I missed your messages. You guys keep up posting here when you find some of them, I'll gladly pay to get the achievement.
Anybody intrested in John Coffin? Have'im on Nightmare.
What the heck? How did this legitimately useful thread devolve into a low-life buffet of greed?
Finally!!! I got the last goddamed Dataminer. For everybody who wants to jump in the railroad vehicle (Nightmare) - Shade#2664.
I'll hang on for about half an hour (cause this bastard is trully a trouble to find).
id like in on coffin sent request
Sorry, buddy. This train has left..(
how? you said 30 mins lol????
oh well... friend me anyways, i need data and coffin and will be lookin for all of them today
Hmm.. I proposed him an hour ago and was also waiting for 35 mins...
Well, if you need Dataminer I have'im right now. He's far more difficult than coffin...
yes i need miner if u please
ive sent you 2 friends invite in game to shade#2664
I've sent the request. I'm playing in the European zone, by the way.
....... US....lol
Good luck then. These ghost are real bastards....
just wondering how your running are you checkpointed at chamber and runnin back thru all 3 crypts?
also, ill pay 100k to anyone finding john coffin, tomekeeper or fecklars ghost. must be US server.
I was running from the town. The trick is to guess the Jar of Souls crypt (as the Dataminer spawns only there). But, as it's the biggest crypt and quite straightforward (you need to run a bit forward to understand how the zone looks like), it takes reasonably little time to get on board. The trick is that the ghost himself is a damn rare spawn. It took me 200 to 300 runs (on all diffs).

P.S. Fecklar and Dataminer are true pain in dar'!@#$.. The rest are quite OK.. Up to 50 runs usually do the trick.
yea i been on data and coffin now for about 6 hours today... only stopped when servers sut down... i dont have trouble locating the jar crypt or any of them for that matter, but i was told coffin can spawn in the real crypt or the matrirch crypt... so i been exiting and resuming from the real crypt and so far no luck on any of them...

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