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I really get bored your stupid 2 server systems. If you would not buy high quality and well engineered system please close one of servers and let people play without problems. That is clear your network team is sucks and their systems are not working properly. In addition Customer service is not working and nobody gives clear and explanatory answers. If errors continue I won't buy any blizzard game anymore and will warn everyone I know. In a row 3 terribe launch. May be I should wait pirate servers I guarantee I would face much more less error and at least 100 times faster responses.
I now have the same problem, and it has only just cropped up after patch 1.0.2. I can barely play for 90 seconds before I am kicked off because of Error 3007 and Error 3003. What is going on? Nothing on my end has changed in months, and now all of a sudden I can't play because of these all too frequent disconnects.
I can't even start my game without it killing my internet connection :-( I've only just bought it and REALLY WANT TO PLAY!!!! Please fix soon.
yea uh hi, yeaaa umm im gunna have to ask you to go ahead and just fix the problemm... yeaaa thad be great.. THANKS.
Yep...having same problem. It's a little bit ridiculous. I can't even play single player because of the internet connection requirement.
Same issue here, only issue i have with game is not being able to log on :)
Same error 3007, no issues on my end that I can find...
Same issues for me. I can play during the day just fine. (EST) But at night I get randomly d/c or games just won't start. I'm sure this is totally unrelated to server load, right?
i went to the system administrator and then to services and turned the secondary log on to automatic and have had not a single disconnect since. just thought i would let people know what worked for me. i am tethering with a smart phone on 3g/hspa
bump. I have been getting this for the past 3 days.
Was working perfectly for me until today. Now cannot stay logged in for more than 60 secs before the error pops and D3 disconnects my router from the net. Cash in some of your 15% AH cut and fix the dam problem!
I just checked out my Language Selection in Account and found none selected. I have now selected English and suddenly I'm downloading a new patch. Don't know if this will help things. What I do know, is that my chat channels were failing before I was removed.
I haven't been able to long on since I bought my new laptop. Re downloaded the client via the site, and all I get is error 3007 and can't establish a connection with the server. When I tried to re log in on my old comp, I got the same message! Seems like my SC2 account can't be used either. Menus are faded out and can't join any game. Seems to be account related... AGHHHH
I am really getting feed up with this issue. its been over 2 weeks for me. sometimes i play a few minutes other times i can play a few hours. but once it does it it keeps doing it till the next day when i try to play again, error 3007 most of the time. I have done almost everything i could from my side, even bought a new computer , logged on from friends house. to other players i am almost 100% sure this is a issue coming from blizzard its self finding 100 reasons to blame us and our computers. for those that say they are going to quit, how does that make sense this is a free to play game you already bought the game. we all need to start sending in more reports about this issue, maybe then they will fix it.

btw i have not been able to play long enough to get a full 5 stacks, wow this sucks
i have encountered the same problem here.
getting loggoed out while playing.
THis is really ridiculous!!!!!!!!!
guys, i just found this. donno if it works. but u can try.
I'm about done with this game over this stupid onging issu. Blizz im just about done with your company altogether

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