RIP Hardcore Characters!

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Ah why I'd never play that side of the game, it's pure luck hoping that your pc, your isp, and blizzard all can keep their stuff together. Don't know why any of you do, just ask for a stat tracked for # of deaths and roll non-HC chars so you don't have to put up with this.
Just about died, luckily in an emptier spot.

This would have been my 2nd lvl 60 lost due to blizzard glitch/servers..
06/10/2012 08:31 PMPosted by CrypticJ
As RIP as it all is, don't think Bliz owe you anything for it XD

Of course not, was amusing though xD

Luckily I was on my alt lvl 10, if I'd been on my main....
hahahahaha. i killed a bunch of elite pack b4 the lag starts. THANKYOU GOD~!!!!!!!
RIP Lvl 60 WD.

Fells terrible man...
ohhh man

Tsunami alert:

A magnitude 10.0 server failure has caused a tidal wave of nerd rage to approach the western seaboard...
Why all the crying?
Remember this game is AWESOME.. right?
I died (non-hardcore) but instantly thought of all those players :(

It's irritating for me, it's heart breaking for them.
I was fighting izual in act4 hell with my friend. It glitched spawned 2 of them 5 seconds later huge lag spike we both died then it disconnected me now I am getting error 37 over and over.

EDIT yes this was hardcore I was lvl 60 monk
Wow this is retarded... glad to see I'm not the only one who lost a hardcore character due to server issues though. Any chance blizzard will revive our characters? I know they say they can't but this is entirely their fault. Losing hours of gameplay due to technical errors isn't fun...
My hardcore character just died because of this spike! So so very upsetting. Can't anything be done? It's so off-putting that things like this can happen even while playing "single player." Since it clearly wasn't my internet connection at fault, will Blizzard have any sympathy?
Barely survived with escape button, was like at 1% life, so i got very lucky, damn those blizz servers.
i died. they should roll us back. even though they never will
I was mid mob.. got smashed to pieces as I hit diamond skin about 30 times/second.

Feeling so sorry for HC characters. If I happened to have one in the situation I was in I'd be a little bit sad.
I was just being carried through the last act in nightmare where a lvl 60 was 1 shooting everything.
Good thing my HC wizard wasn't very far along...
This is great
all that hard work for nothing.
server die on us and all of my friends in hardcore died.
Blizzard better roll back
Just died... lvl 60 in act 3 was fighting a motar champ

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