RIP Hardcore Characters!

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Thank god I didn't play hardcore, and killed the butcher in inferno before the lag =P

edit: First post on page 6 of a viral post...why can I get this lucky with girls?
soo much !@#$in %^-*!ing on these forums i swear to god lol, they're only human let them fix it.. geez

@#$% happenz
LOL Suck fest 2012
If Blizzard care at all about their customers, they will most certainly revive our characters. I feel like this just ruined my exprience with this game and I'm sure lots of people will feel the same.
I for one, am super grateful for online only play. it protects me from pirates!
06/10/2012 08:36 PMPosted by KempoMan
Wow, lost all my Valor stacks, but feel more sorry for those who lost HC characters. Lame!

same here, was on Siegebreaker...
I can imagine people pulling their hairs right now after that massive server dump. I've been there before cussing for 3 straight mins finding out wtf just happened. Good thign I was playing in the non-HC servers when this happened.
This is all part of what HARDCORE means! If you survived this lag session, YOU ARE HARDCORE INDEED!!!
Lost my 5 stack right before the act boss, and had 30 mins left on an extremely underbid auction >_<. So glad I wasn't playing my HC.
lol what's funny is that most of the people who are mad are still gonna play.
You should all make self-imposed hardcore characters. Namely, characters that are on softcore mode, but if you die through your own fault, you delete the character. That way, if you die from a lag spike, you can feel free not to count it as a "real" death.

Of course, it would take tremendous willpower to count that one death as the only death if you feel you got cheated in some way (charge attack from offscreen, elite group with cheap affixes, etc etc...).
06/10/2012 08:29 PMPosted by Bellyfrog
How many of us just died right now? :D

raises hand.... never had lag in 220+ hours and now....dead
This exact scenario is why I don't play HC in this game.
06/10/2012 08:36 PMPosted by Yermommy
all to stop "pirates" who have already circumvented blizzard's anti piracy measures. #WayToGoBliz
would not care if they rolled back I got no upgrades ;(. they need to do somthing. less than a month in and they have that stupid lag problem ffs.
Blizztards did it again!

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