RIP Hardcore Characters!

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I feel bad for HC players, really.
Just died. Level 60 hardcore DH.
I was on my HC toon when the server died. Luckily I just killed the quest mob when the server died. There "shouldn't" have been anything on the screen that could kill me (I hope).
condolences to all hardcore player.
Hardcore is a pointless game mode with an online-only game. I don't even know why Blizzard would include it.
maybe if we all complain they will revive players in that timeframe.... lost so much time lucky i have another hc char thats 48....
what. the. !@#$.
At first I thought someone in my house started to download at full speed, because this is the first time I ever felt lag.
Lvl 41 monk RIP.
Just died fighting Diablo normal

R.I.P DrStrange, Wizard
Stop complaining, the servers are back to normal!
that totally wasnt fair the monsters didnt lagg i cudnt attack or heal me and the guys i was playing with just died so un fair
Yep died about 5 mins ago in NM
Lucked out, finished up a pack just before it started.

Lag deaths are part of HC, incidentally, whether the connection issues are on Blizzard's end or ours.
Losing a character forever because Blizzard had a major lag spike = not good.
Not good at all.
WTFPOTATO!!!! I just spend the last 20 hours getting to level 50! If my character dies, im quitting forever.. im so mad right now
No wonder I couldn't more.... I though, I was trapped by that Champ monster pack...
No I get Error 37...

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