weird mouse issue after quit

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I can't find any info on this, so I thought I would post. Whenever I quit Diablo III, my mouse will no longer click and drag. I can click (left and right), but click and drag is disabled. Restarting my computer works, but relaunching the finder, checking the mouse utility, unplugging and replugging my mouse - none of these things work. Interestingly enough, my wacom tablet still functions normally.
I have a iMac 27" i7 (2011) running OS X Lion.
Strange. Does this only happen after quitting Diablo III, or was it this isolated time?

Can you post full specs for your Mac?

Obtaining System Information
    1. Hold the 'Option' Key and choose System Profiler/Information from the Apple Menu.

    2. Copy the information from the following sections:
  • Hardware (remove the Serial Number line)
  • Graphics/Displays
  • Software (remove the Computer Name and User Name lines)
The exact same thing - from restarting to fix to my tablet still working - happens to me, it's so weird!
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Also, it sounds like you're on Windows, since Mac doesn't have any tablets.

You may want to post on the Windows Tech forums:

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