Real Money Auction House balance not updating

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I added money to my account, but the balance hasn't updated in game and my balance history says I've added no money, even though the confirmation that stated money has been added did show.
Same here. Bump.
same here :(
Takes up to 3 days to post the money, even if they charge your establishment right away.
all money transactions need manual processing... zzzzz
same, such crap
This is BS, i put $20 au into the account approx a week or so ago in anticipation for this and i still have the same issue of no balance displaying ingame. in the web browser its fine. GG blizz.
maybe it takes 1 business day? 12:01am blizz time?
so i tested both. paypal went through today.

credit card didnt...

Yeah, I used a credit card, still not up, bump
Just added a bit with PayPal as well to test it, no balance, bump
same here I will never pay blizzard again
Same problem!!
make sure u have right currency selected in game
im nearing 80 hours wait and still no money in my account balance T___T
Same here! I already added mine 4 days ago using credit card, but still nothing shows in my balance\_____/
3 days ago and nada here either...
yes there is a big delay, after speaking directly with a representative in the hellish wait que and the nightmare of being randomly disconnected from their PBX (phone system). They had to implement extra security procedures, due to the fact that now they are dealing with alot more money then they where before, this would draw the attraction of more hackers, unfortunately, thats life, where there is money there is hackers and fraud. This new security that they had to implement is causing delays in transctions, but its to prevent fraud. Its a hurry up and wait game right now.

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I added 25$ 6 days ago and received nothing so far, but i added 1$ yesterday and it was put in my balance right away. Like what the hell, you are gonna take 15% of my money anyway cant you atleast let me get something out of it?

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