Blizzard: Suggestion for hardcore lag deaths.

First off I LOVE the game. There are currently a bunch of bugs and whatnot, but I love it regardless. It's given me many many hours of enjoyment and I expect it will give me many more. However I feel that Hardcore mode is still a beta-quality product. (Beta: A software stage where said software is usable and mostly stable but may contain bugs which could be crippling in a production environment.)

Every time a new patch hits, or there is a significant spike in lag, several (maybe even hundreds) of toons die in unpreventable and unnecessary ways. I know it is your policy that no hardcore character ever be "resurrected". I, and I believe most players, accept that as fair. That's just the way the game is played. However many of these deaths are no fault of our own and are EXTREMELY frustrating. I've been lucky enough not to suffer a death at the hands of lag, but I do believe I have a way for you to fix these issues:

Whenever there is significant lag in the connection to blizzard's servers, hardcore mode should automatically save the toon and disconnect (as pausing, which has been proposed as a solution before, does NOT prevent death in multiplayer games.) I'm not sure if this would be a client side change, or a server side change. This may lead to complaints over dropped connections, but is significantly preferable compared to rage over unpreventable death of a character many of us have invested quite a bit of time into. I'm also sure it would take quite a bit of effort on your parts. However this effort would be greatly appreciated. Many feel this is a game-breaking bug, and many people have been very vocal about how they will never play hardcore due to this very issue.

Thank you for your time.
did u just lose a guy
funny i saw the new patch, hoped on like a moron took the town portal and it was so laggy as soon as i spawned no warning. u have died there was no enemys on screen lvl 35 dh dead...and lost my 42 wizard to the huge spike last week were everyone patients is running thin i dont think i have the heart to continue with this game.. but i love it so much..... thanks for running my week blizzard 40 hours of play time gone... and i played great i should still be alive with my wiz... i dont even know what to say feal robbed...
even when your play alone your screwed
I feel bad for anyone who lost an HC character due to lag, but, honestly, that's part and parcel of playing HC -- and it always will be.

When you make a new HC character please assume the following: the character WILL die and it will most likely die due to lag.

Once those assumptions are firmly in place, it will come as no shock or surprise when it happens.... and it WILL happen.
so then whats the point playing if it WILL happen
they provide the servers they shut down how is that my issue... maybe if it was becuase of my computer or connection...but its not
06/13/2012 10:19 AMPosted by D3RASP
so then whats the point playing if it WILL happen

Why bother living when you're only going to die?
06/13/2012 10:49 AMPosted by philsov
so then whats the point playing if it WILL happen

Why bother living when you're only going to die?

Thats not really the point. The point is this:

I play the game for fun.
Playing hardcore is fun, because at any moment you can die.
Dying IS part of the rush, and should only happen to a mistake YOU make.
It should not happen because of a failure of technology.
That is cheap and cheapens the game and the whole experience.

People want to feel proud of the accomplishment of surviving in HC, not feel like they made it through without a lag death. What does it say about a game when the most common death is a failure of the network? That its probably a crappy game.
I may be wrong, but I don't think the intent is that you have to luck your way into a decently geared character. Sure a small lag here and there can cause a problem, and maybe lose a character.

Review these forums and go over how much server lag spikes have killed thousands of characters at the same time.

Some people will start over and move on.

Some people will come and make a fuss and then move on.

Some people will stop playing hardcore because of server lag and either stop playing diablo 3 at all or go to Normal.

Either way, its not an ideal situation for Blizzard, who intends to make a lot of money off of transactions. They want MORE people playing, not less. More players = more transaction fees.

Blizzard has a financial interest in fixing these problems, or at least reducing the frequency that they occur.
Keep your plushiecore out of my Hardcore bro.
I fail to see what is "hardcore" about dying to something outside of your control and then doing the same thing again hoping it doesn't happen again.

Please, enlighten me.
Don't listen to people who claim d/c death is just part of hardcore. D/C deaths in D2 hardcore weren't even within a parsec of a problem compared to a d/c in D3. The disconnect timer really needs to change. There's a server side game pause proposal going around that I think addresses it without opening up alt-f4 abuse.
I haven't had a d/c death yet, but i have noticed a 2-3 second lag in the time it takes for a potion to be used... i play a DH and am still on act 1, but i consider myself a "Casual Core" kind of person...

just wish they tested teh game with hardcore characters before they opened up beta and even launched it to begin with...
When I first started Hardcore I died due to my own internet connection dropping. I fixed this issue with a router firmware upgrade.

Now iv had the red ping/disconnect issue recently after they released these past two patches but it isn't that frequent.

However, I just died on my lvl 47 barb who was destroying all types of mobs due to the server disconnecting. I know it wasn't my connection and it dropped everyone from my friends list.

Iv lost 4-5 HC characters and this time it raises the question: What is the point of playing hardcore when all your hard work can be destroyed by something you have zero control over? That is unfair in my opinion. Will I have to accept it if I want to play HC? Yes, but blizzard should work with people to restore those characters. Or auto restore if death was caused by server disruption.

I am mad and don't want to play normal
TBH idk why everyone complains about dying in hardcore......u should know from the start that your character won´t live forever if u play with it. You guys are asking to Blizzard to take responsibility for every single probability of dc or some other problems, and that's COMPLETELY ABSURD AND IMPOSSIBLE (u cannot control blackouts, internet service failure, etc). Srly, if u want to solve this kind of problems, just go and play softcore... there u won´t have this kind of trouble.

Also, this "problem" happens since D2 and LoD, and there were no rerolls or death restore, dont expect them to "solve" it now.
Better would be just a auto pause when under heavy lag.

There you go.

Easy Peasy.
Who is complaining about dying in hardcore? I wasn't even playing my character when he died because their servers wouldn't allow it. The only reason I know my character is dead is because I can't play him anymore. I didn't see him die, and my internet connection wasn't lost either. He is just a ghost waiting to be archived because THEIR SERVER killed him.

Iv lost a couple other characters as I have mentioned to non server issues due to all sorts of stupid reasons that were my fault.
You guys are asking to Blizzard to take responsibility for every single probability of dc or some other problems, and that's COMPLETELY ABSURD AND IMPOSSIBLE (u cannot control blackouts, internet service failure, etc)
. Yes, they should devote time and resources while they fix the issue, and should fix this issue.

If it isn't in your control but it is something they can control then they should fix it. Plain and simple

When my internet used to disconnect and reconnect I fixed the problem. When their servers crash and we lose characters they don't fix the problem. Both disconnects react completely different and their should be a way to easily differentiate between the two.

Support will not restore your dead character for any reason ever. Not even an act of God would be sufficient to restore your character.

Learn how to judge latency and play smarter, or go to softcore where you wont have to post worthless and totally ineffective whining on the forums.

As I said to start:


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