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Good evening Magdha, I hope this note find you well...

You recently asked my to compile a list of concerns regarding the performance (or lack thereof) of your Enraged Zealots.

There ARE very dedicated, seem willing to lie under baking hot sand in the desert waiting for their chosen target to wander by, but somehow are completely failing to take advantage of this surprise attack.

Having looked into their training, I can see that instead of being assigned into advanced combat training, Guerrilla tactics, assassination, and group combat, they have instead only completed Smack Talk 101. This leads to laughable scenarios, where they cannot even complete one of their chosen taunts before they are all dead. I actually heard one say "Magdha ordered your dea...aaaugh" which was a memorable moment.

Unfortunately, I have noticed in my research that you seem to have the same training failure, in fact, the only entity that scored higher on their Smack Talk exams was Azmodan, which is particularly troubling.

It seems that the entire forces of hell are forced to attend compulsory smack talk seminars, but the Lords of Hell have failed to note that "excessive smack talk may lead to telegraphing tactics to your enemy, and should be avoided in combat"

I do hope you can find the time to remedy this situation before it is too late,



PS, my consulting fee invoice is attached.
Well, you gave me a good chuckle today, my hat off to you Sir!
love it :-)
Haha, nice one. Right on the money.
lol top post.
That's great lol

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