Demon hunter high vitality?

Demon Hunter
ok so I am level 56 now. I have been buying rare items off auction block whole game looking for dex items.
I belive when I was 52 I had like 9500 damage total .
Well as I approached level 56 and playing in Hell level I was dying alot.

So at 56 I bought all new items but went for vitality and life regen.
Before my total life was 6600 life at 56 now its 55,000! life at 56 total

My damage only dropped to like 9000. But now I am not getting one hit deaths.
Actually I can just stay still and hardest mobs hit on me and not much happens.

I just killed Belial 1st time though no problem with this build. Last time ( night mare level ) I could not kill him and had to use a grp. So my quesiton is vitality more important for staying alive when reaching 60 even though dex is suppose to be our 1st choice. It seems to me all games in the end no matter what time of character you play always comes down to staying alive and picking health boosters is more advantages.
It depends on your play style. If you play a Glass-Cannon game, your Dex is going to be more important, along with IAS and Crit Chance/Damage, and you're going output insane numbers of DPS, while playing an evasive game to avoid getting hit. If you'd rather play a more balanced, up-front game, you're probably only going to want about a 1.5:1 ratio between your Dex:Vit respectively. It's really dependent on you; there's no one answer for it.
Even with 55,000 life you are still going to get killed in one shot from the harder inferno elites and pretty much anything in act 2 and beyond.

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