Sever down Error #33

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is the server work yet !! for me still not working

still down..6:49 Sydney time
wow...the best ever game...but the server always make it we all dumb.....ahahahha battlenet must make an offline mode i think...because we all have something to do on the next day and gonna get some rest...if the server always like tonite 14/08/2012...we all got blur.....ahahahhaha
sever down error#33
Dude.. Check out Narull's sticky on maintenance. Patch 1.0.5 being deployed tonight.
wow didn't take long this time, was wondering how quick something like this would popup.

Shame its a necro thread from months ago.

As Leviathan said, maint time!

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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
here we go again... yay >_<
are they reconstructing the game or what...
Anyone else getting this meassage when trying to connect to battlenet atm.

Any soloutions as well.
Somebody know when the server is up again in Norway? :P lol

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