Hardcore PVP, Insane or Brilliant?

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I'd say it should be this way, IMHO

You should decide if you want to accept the duel in HC. That to stop camping for lowlvls, or avenging friends. Other way even if wandering on the world map if somebody attacks us to 1 hp, any mob can kill us.

Othervise fight anyone everywhere you want, at any time and any lvl, with options you would like to give as reward. For egsample: all eq, 1 item, or so, death or 1hp left. Rules of the battle before agree for fight. You can also decide if you want to fight with another class (nulify lack of balance, of course you can fell strong after seeing your oponent in game).

The best part from me, solving 60lvl, and attendance problems:
Once in the month 60lvl death match with all eq in char and in bag as reward. This way the winer becomes epic, and can survive several matches. And also month is enough to lvl up new char, and in next month tournament try to win some fights, for getting eq for final, full epic fight.

There could be preliminaries (without death, but with losing some items) and ranking (so the best players would not end up in one group, busting them in the end, and to many HC PVP players losing chars). Anyone would be able to forfeit at preliminaries, but not from the finals (but only before the match starts). Winning the finals means gaining all best eq (probably) from previous matches, which means good boost, or much gold in ah - great reward. Also fighting finals would mean glory in HC world. Losing player would still have some of previous fights revards to quickli improve his new HC PVP char (if placed in the chest)

Most importantly one month is enough to lvl up 60, gain some eq for this, and entertain as for any nonprofesional competition. And on Blizzcon could be be grand death match, with something extra for finalists. How much respect would get someone surviving several finals, or even Blizzcon tournament?

I think it would really entertain everybody if Blizzard would start this like I say:)

Edit: Hah... After reading it after several hours I can see how poor my english has become:P No practice, no skill :( Sorry for my poor english:(
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In D2 you could have loot duels and as your reward you get all their gear, but it should be d2 style ganking aswell, that is what made d2 hardcore fun for 10+ years, d3= !@#$ because they are copying wow WAY to much, if you want to play wow go play wow not Diablo!!! Stop trying to make d3 into WOW!!
I think there should be three options, fighting for fun (sparring if you will), fighting for a set amount of gold (ie: 200k v 200k - winner takes the pot), and the final most hardcore to the death as described by the OP (Gear v Gear essentially).

I would adapt to whatever PvP actually comes of it, but I think having a few options would be pretty sweet for the game.
Insane. No one will pvp for perma death. Well, almost no one.

For the very few who do it should be an OPTION - not a mandatory, default mode.

Been saying this forever. Basically, same thing that Fear said above.
Love it, that be really fun and hardcore like it shoud be.
bring on the low lvling dueling like in d2!! !@#$ ya
pvp is nothing new for hc either. its was very popular in D2. softcore pansies would never understand. being why they are corpse thrower softcore players. so go home kids. HC is not for the weak!
Once ive finished it on HC i would be willing to pvp just for the glory of the kill. Keep the HC economy healthy. Big deal if you die, PVP in HC would be the shizz. Especially low lvl haha
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+1 EPIC idea :D
The leveling:dueling ratio of time spent would be a huge turnoff for me. Even if you win 10 matches and die during your 11th, that's less than an hour of PvP for 30+ hours of leveling. For players who would partake in such a PvP system, it would turn leveling (previously an end in itself) into a grind to fuel PvP.
forums would be filled with tears
Bump for your genius idea!
Sounds like fun. I think I would stay out b/c I would definitely die, but I'd like to watch.

One idea I have is that instead of either having the entire loser's set drop, or have only one piece drop, use RNG to determine the number of items that drop. For example, there could be an 80% chance for each piece to drop meaning that most of the items would drop, but there is a chance for all or nothing.

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