WTS Ceremonial knife. 876 DPS. lvl 60.

Witch Doctor
876,7 damage per sec
298-955 Damage. 1,40 attack per sec.

+197-550 lighting damage.
+40% damage.
Increase mana regen by 9 per sec.
REQ lvl 60.

Im not good with prices, so hope some of you out there wanna bid and buy? :)
Gonna give it 1½ hour more.
currently taking 400K bid.
1 more hour.
Atm it is yours Jae
Alright it is your Jlein23 - contact me ingame! :)
(i added u)
Jlein, did u want the knife?
i added u in game... no reply yet???
If u wanna give 600k Amr, it is yours.
Course Jlein havent answered, contact me ingame in about 5 min.
(or tomorrow if thats better for u)

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