Advantages of Monk Tank vs Barb Tank?

Hey Guys,

To start I've got about 50 hours played on a barb tank. I started the game on release with a Monk (over 100 hours on him). I switched from Monk as I felt the gear requirements for the class are a bit more heavy than for barb as their abilities dont scale as well into Infero Acts 3-4. (Feel free to share your thoughts if you think I'm wrong.)

That said I'm feeling the call to roll my monk back out. Now I can get him pretty well geared by selling my barbs current set up.

The main question I have for any Monks that are currently moving through acts 3 - 4 and farming act 3 successfully is what do you feel like the advantages of Monk tanking vs Barb tanking (if any) are?

The obvious is party buffs (mantras) but the Barb has Impunity which gives everyone 50% more resist // armor so I feel like barbs win on that front.

Before I go through the trouble of selling everything I just wanted to get a few thoughts.

Appreciate your time.
I believe Barb can dps better than monk.
Monk have better survivability with all the defense/healing spells.
It is also easier to gear monk than a barb in term of gold spend.
As barb doesn't have One With Everything to max resist.
They need to depend on gears for resist.
However, in the long run, i believe Barb can replace Monk as tank.
As the gears get better, people would prefer a tank that can dps better than a tank with less dps.
Just my opinion.
Well for act 3 especially sanctuary is amazing. If you use all defensive skills you pretty much have to tank using your hp for like 2 seconds every 20 seconds. Your cooldowns are no greater than 20 seconds, so you can blind, serenety, blinding echo, breath for fear to escape, run to a choke point, cast sanctuary for 7 seconds and repeat. I mean you can tank act 3 and 4 with a little bit of regen/loh/lpss and only be able to survive 1-2 hits. Monks also have a huge 40% debuff if you combine Resolve with CW (concussion) which really adds to their survivability.

The open areas in act 3 are pretty difficult, but you can kite better so it's not that bad.

In terms of pure survivability, Monk approaches invincability faster than Barb.
I've said it since early beta (when I had no intention of playing monk) and after playing every class through almost all of act 2 inferno I still believe it to be true. Maybe not a week from now, maybe not even a month or 6 months from now, but in the end I truly believe monk will have the greatest potential of all classes.

As far as barb vs monk, I would say monk hands down simply because monk has an easier time getting higher mitigation meaning their survivability is more efficient. The cooldown options are all better for monk. It also brings more to a group than barb does. Barb is pretty much stuck bringing ONLY armor+resist while monk has the choice of bringing dodge+armor, healing+resists+bubble, damage+dr in addition to having an aoe heal (albeit small range), the ability to break jailer for everybody, and a passive that gives dr for the whole group.
Thanks for the responses. I'm going to play devils advocate for a second (not arguing just throwing a few different angles out there)

As far as survivability the thing the Monk doesn't have is spamable healing (i.e. dreadnaught charge, revenge). But I guess you could make the argument that the monk doesn't need the hard heals constantly because they should be able to have a higher over mitigation?

Blitz : Yeah, I guess I didn't think of that all the way through being able to fill many roles depending on particular group needs. Solid point.

As far as overall damage output (while tanking). Do any of you feel Monk is seriously behind Barbarian? (i.e. Having a hard time due to hitting enrage timers on Elites)
06/15/2012 07:26 AMPosted by ELEVEN
As far as survivability the thing the Monk doesn't have is spamable healing

Transcendence / lpss + high aps would like to have a word with you :p

I'd even go so far as to argue Monk's options for this are even better (more reliable) than Barbs which are more % based (revenge) or revolve around cooldowns (dreadnaught, overpower, dread spear, ignorance is bliss).


06/15/2012 07:26 AMPosted by ELEVEN
As far as overall damage output (while tanking). Do any of you feel Monk is seriously behind Barbarian? (i.e. Having a hard time due to hitting enrage timers on Elites)

If you're talking group play, a monk need only use moc and most likely they become the single greatest source of damage. Of course, this isn't always viable, but its also important to note nonetheless.
Barb has higher DPS in general. Monk has better party buffs and brings a summon that can off-tank (if it works like WD pets it has your DR values).

I'd say the advantage is "which do you like playing more?"
True that. See I just needed some winning over to the Monk side.

Now the hot topic. With IAS being nerfed do you think that's going to devastate monk tanking? Less hits = less LOH obviously. But do you think that LPSS can compensate?
If the change to attack speed is big (bad) enough, I'm sure we'll see monks who prefer transcendence switch over to resolve or beacon. I'd personally prefer to run resolve/seize/beacon but it would be quite pricey to get max resist all on every slot.

It may upset people at first, but once people get used to not relying on it (or if they have lpss already its a non issue) it might actually benefit them more.

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