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Witch Doctor
After playing for a few hours with my friends (monk + wizard) in act 3 inferno today, I was speculating what's it gonna be like playing as a group of 4 witch doctors with identical build.

That way, your group will probably be able to keep:
Wall of Zombies up almost all the time (5 sec/25 sec cooldown)
BBV up more than half the time (20 sec/120 sec cooldown)
Chain horroring (4 sec/20 sec cooldown)
Chain mass confusion (12 sec/60 sec cooldown)
Hex: almost 4 hex up at the same time --> most of elite pack members will be turned into chicken/pigs and their ability to smash you with mortar/iceball/archane etc will be significantly diminished.

Chaining these definitely require a lot of coordination among team members (ie. there must be an order that members cast their zombie wall or BBV so that people can cast one after one without wasting the cooldown time). This teamwork may be hard to do in the game and may require practice. Among these I think 4Hex is probably the easiest thing to do because you just need to try to keep it up all the time.

What do you guys think about this "4WD build"?
I've been saying it since beta, potentially two of the strongest 4 person groups are 4 wds or 4 monks. I've only ever been in a group with 1 other wd while on mine and they're never as geared/skilled as me (and mine isn't very much so, 37k dps in a2).

I have however been in 4 monk groups (once in a2, once in a3) and they're amazing.
WD 1 ... Pet Build
WD 2 ... AoE Build
WD 3 ... CC Build
WD 4 ... DPS (single target)

That's just scary on paper...
Let's do it!
I can confirm this does work very well in every inferno act. I recently be friended 3 other witch docs..

i run a corpse spiders build thats basically a splitners build with corpse spiders.

other runs a pet build..

one runs pure CC

the last one (one with highest dps) runs a zombie bears build.

Doesnt matter what champion pack spawns.. it melts... we eat invuln soul lashers for breakfast.. its delicious.
Im well up for this! Im only a lowly 20k DPS'er though :)
34k DPS
30k Health

Anytime, yo.
i like this idea as well im at 1k DPS A3 Normal

Been waiting for a group like this, hit me up.

I'm only doing a3 though, so if thats not what ur mfing then im out.
I'm down anytime..... TheVirus#1490
48.6k dps
44k health
650 resist

Add me and give me a time and i will be there and see how far we can get.
Ha - I'm in to try too.


20K HP
500+ Resist
4 Hex's just seems like cheating :)
36.9 HP
46.8 DPS

30k hp 300 all res 98k Damage unbuffed.

Whobetter#1113 Hit me up
I love everything about this idea except for Mass Confusion. I feel the skill is unreliable and something better could be devoted to that slot.

Anyway, I'm a 60 wd who's currently in act 3 inferno. My stats are:

22k life
31k dps
490 all resis
3000 armor

I'm very flexible with my builds, as I've gotten very comfortable switching from different builds and variations depending on who I'm teaming with. I have adequate gear for switching to full support, full dps, magic find, OR gold find. I'll say it again - I LOVE THIS IDEA. I'd love to use this thread as a hub for 4-party WD groups. Please contact me if you you guys are interested.

I'm curious about a few things:

bad medicine - would all 4 BM stack together? assuming we were regularly covering everything with poison, this could be a very efficient way to mitigate damage. I'm thinking acid cloud and/or locust swarm

hex - obviously the most appealing part of the 4 WD playgroup, but I wonder if the shamans are smart enough to cast the hex on different enemies? is there any that stops a shaman from casting hex on a target that's already hexed?

snare effects - as we all know there is a slow/snare cap in inferno (that is pretty astronomical IIRC). if this is the case then I think it would be most beneficial to only bring 2x grasp or so, and maybe 2x other utility spells in its place (such as Toad of Hugeness for hard CC)
WD 1 ... Pet Build
WD 2 ... AoE Build
WD 3 ... CC Build
WD 4 ... DPS (single target)

That's just scary on paper...

Diablo 3 also looked good on paper. Bahaha!
74.5k dps
10k hp
200 resist

willing to farm act 3 with 4 wd for easy loot


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