Shield vs. good LoH?

It seems that using a shield for inferno would help improve my survivability, but I'm looking at them and thinking to myself:

20%ish chance to block only 2kish damage? Dodging renders this almost useless, and my life on hit would heal me for more than a block would reduce. Also, my damage would go down so much that they would survive longer, allowing them to hit me a few more times, causing more damage over time.

Current LoH is about 1,300. I'm looking at a +500 necklace to add to it as well. Taking in the reduction of heals, 1,800 LoH-> 1,350 LoH, 2 hits per second would heal me more than a shield has a "chance" to block?

Would the armor and block chance be worth losing several thousand of my DPS? Any advice would be greatly appreciated and cookies will be handed out as well!
It's personal preference, really. It also depends a lot on the shield and offhand weapon you're talking about.

A nice shield is MUCH less expensive than a nice LoH weapon, too. Like 1/10th the cost... maybe as much as 1/50th really.

Also, with the block you have to realize that block is figured last, after all other mitigation is figured. A 50k hit that has been mitigated to 2 or 3k(94-96% mitigation is reachable pretty easily in good gear, especially using a shield) would be blocked completely.

It's a tough decision.
Shield. Get a shield with 8% crit and if your weapon has crit damage you'll notice the diff. My Monk had a 940 dps off hand with a 1k dps main hand. Swap in a 100 dex 7% crit shield in and my dps went UP from 38000 to 43000.
If you are going to use a shield, get a sacred shield for the 3.7-4.7k block. There's huge difference in usefulness between 2k and 4k. Remember, the shield also comes with 1.1k+ armor.

Its also worth noting that with the right shield you may lose a lot less (or even gain) dps than you think. It takes a pretty expensive weapon to compare to 10% crit and 130 dex without even considering the defensive bonuses.

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