Should a monk use a Dex Andy?

As the title says. Should a monk use a Dex Andaril's Visage with a socket?
any monks?
I would wait till 1.03 to see how attack speed is changed, before spending a good chunk on andys. Aside from that, yes they are quite nice.
Most monks worry about survivabilty > everything else. This means they would be using a helmet with dex/vit/2 resists/high armor. If you find your build/gear very survivable, throw an andy's on and rock more DPS. Better yet, if the andy's has resists :)

I personally wouldn't use it atm, but if I had 0 problems 5 stacking A4 then I would consider losing some survivability for more deeps.

Helm is also good for a build that bursts down enemies. I prefer to gather them up and put on a tanking clinic though :)

It's all about playstyle IMO.
Thanks for the response guys. I'm in the process of building my monk gear up. I am selling my decked out barb gear at the time and I have already sold a couple items in the RMAH for $250 lol. I having trouble deciding on which secondary resist to stack.
There is no right/wrong secondary to pick. I am arcane, and sometimes I kick myself in the @$$ when I see REALLY nice poison/fire/light/phys gear, but already 100% committed :P

I would just do a search in the AH for every slot based on dex (100), all resists (40), and resist of your choice (40), and get a good idea of whats floating around out there.
I would think Madstone is a much cheaper alternative since you get a dps boost if you buy one for your primary and you can probably get a socketed one for under 2 million.
kk how much hp do i wanna be around? With like 900 resis
40-45k hp should be enough for inferno, any more any you're going to see some crazy deminishing returns on your heal spells, so you have to strike a balance with your hp between enough to survive but not too much to never be able to heal.
Honestly, with 900 res you can afford to dip under 40k life. With 8k+ armor you can allow it to dip even more. I'm working my way through Act 3 with little to no trouble at 34k health, 650 res and 8k armor (11k with deadly reach). Farming might be a different story, but it'll work for progressing. And my monk is currently using a Andys.
I mean I'd want at least 900 unbuffed with 40k life if you were going to solo diablo though. less will work for act 3 though.
700 AR 7k armor 30k hp works fine in Act3 SB runs for me!

As for Andy's I have done quite a bit of thinking on the Andy's vs Tzo problem.

IF IAS doesn't get nerfed to hard, you will generally want one of the two items and the tradeoff is a ton of dex / crit vs spir/sec or LpSS. I think Tzo is generally cheaper as well.

I would probably go with an Andy's if you were looking for a higher dps build and Tzo if you are a bit tankier / utility oriented.

TBH though, if you don't have TONS of gold laying around and want IAS on your hat I would just buy The Mind's Eye for like 200k instead of 7m :P
Hey Druin, quick question. How DPS do have while doing your SB runs? I'm almost there and am looking for a benchmark.
06/15/2012 06:40 AMPosted by Acyd
I would wait till 1.03 to see how attack speed is changed

best advice anyone could give. I mean.. if nothing else you have has attack speed yeah sure go for it but judging from the stuff they hit with the nerf bat.. well.. the stuff never recovered.. flat lined en-route to Kingston general.
Currently, it's important to have attack speed on as many pieces as possible. It really is the best stat for a monk, X% ias increases damage and sustain by the same amount. Course, you probably also want all of your pieces to have (ideally) all resist + OWE resist. So, andy's with dex, a socket, a decent off stat (armor, vit, all resist) is probably a pretty darn good choice if you are stacking poison resist.

But still, you should hold off on large purchases with ias until you know what how big the nerf will be.

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