Need quick help/tips for my monk

I just beat the game on hell yesterday and i've barely started act 1 inferno. It's been a breeze so far, but i know a spike in difficulty is iminent. Right now i have about 180 res, 21k HP, 8k DPS, 4k armor, and about 2.3 attack speed. I know everything is very low right now. I plan on farming this weekend and fishing around in the auction house for some better gear.

I was just wondering where all my stats should be at if i hope to survive act 2 and beyond. I've heard 600 res, 25-30k hp, and at least 8k armor is where i want to be ideally. But i keep reading different things about what level stats should be at this point in the game. And how much does life regen + life on hit factor into all of this? Should i be looking for weapons that do a lot of life on hit?

If they're planning on nerfing attack speed, then how should i go about rebuilding my monk for inferno? i don't want to waste money on attack speed items in the AH if they're going to nerf it. or will it be that crazy of a nerf even?
Get Res Up massively. double stack res (+ All Res, and +Res in one category.)
600 res is going to be a bare minimum and this depends on your other stats. I'm still trying to get to about 700 unbuffed b/c I'm struggling in Act 2. Nothing unbearable, it's just a grind.

Try to also get DPS to mid 15ks. LoH obviously would help but those items are expensive. I got a lucky drop on a nice weapon which gives me +350 LoH and then have rings/amu that gave another 200. Even with this, it's a grind.

Your HP sounds right, more towards 30k. I had over 44k HP at one point but only 6-7k DPS so I had to sacrifice one for the other. Keep in mind I'm not a big budget spender on AH. Just keep an eye on the AH to the stats that make fit you.
IAS is still going to be incredibly useful to monks, regardless of what changes are made to it. I think people are overreacting about a potential "nerf," we still don't know what's being changed and it's not like they're just going to remove the stat from the game.

You want your resist to be close to 1/10 of your armor. So aim for 700 resist and 7k armor or similar. LoH isn't *necessary*, but it will be very useful to have at least 600 of it, preferably 1k.

Just wrote this up.

Hope it helps.
Thank you for the advice guys. Now i have an idea of what i should be aiming for post Act 1.
And thank you for the reference. I read through about half of it and i'm very intrigued. I'll finish the rest when i get home from work.

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