Drex's inferno splinters/phantasm build.

Witch Doctor
I've been seeing alot of threads that discuss using one or the other, but I've made a build that utilizes both. I do not like using a purely splinters build because you obviously run into problems with plague elites, elites that wall you off, invulnerable, etc. The thing about pure splinters is you have to stand there to do sustained dps. Now with phantasm, you have that stupid bug where you can't break pots/barrels/vases. Also, I am not sure whether phantasm crits and I don't see attack speed being a big necessity so using a pure phantasm build in inferno doesn't seem to scale well with gear. But using both together seems to work well for me.
I like how phantasm gives you a nice range (compared to zombie bears) and the fact that it stacks. For my build I usually start off with a grasp, throw down 2-3 phantasms, then start shooting darts. You still have your wall when grasp wears off and you have horrify. Since all your cooldowns are fairly short with the spells I selected you can spirit walk forward and fear mobs after you burned your grasp/wall and get your VQ going. Once that's going you can spread 3-4 phantasms around in your grasp/wall area and start shooting darts. You want to kite in that region so the mobs get hit with damage.
I like the mobility of this build, the aoe damage from phantasm, and still retaining the direct damage from darts. Feel free to leave any comments or feedback on this build. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#agUXZk!fVU!abcbaZ
3 Phantasms max. Once you spawn the 4th, the 1st goes away. I used this build through Hell with the exception of your passives. Very familiar with how to own with it. But in Inferno...

I would like to know where you're at in Inferno though with this build. If you're still in Hell(even though it says inferno build).... Of course this will work. Not trying to flame you, just being honest.

And I'm sorry, but why VQ? You can't run out of mana if you can only spawn 3 phantasams at the same time. What spell do you spam?
I'm in inferno act3. I kite alot with grasp and wall and when you start stacking on the attack speed your mana doesn't really regen that well when you're splinters fly out. I've gotten more than 3 phantasms out maybe attack speed has something to do with it.
You've never gotten more than 3 phantasms out - the 4th cast causes the 1st to disappear.
this build is fine for inferno,

swap rush for spirit attune and swap vq for pierce the veil,

darts grasp and hex are all i really need for inferno tbh, everything else is icing
Perhaps phantasm was only 3 and I was just blazing too hard or something. :-P I made this build because there are situations where pure darts have its drawbacks and I got bored of 1 offensive spell haha. I like hex with healing but the healing doesn't scale well late game and hex just stops 1 guy where as fear hits multiple. I just like having the mobility with phantasm, where you can kite and deal damage before reaching a good range before you start using darts and there are alot of times darts get blocked by a mobs bubble or wall.

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