Low FPS since patch 1.0.2b made unplayable

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Ill give it a shot and post this thread to hopefully get an answer by a blue.

SO, since launch i have ran D3 at max settings up until patch 1.0.2b (april 6th) since then my FPS has bogged down so much i cannot even play. When getting into a fight with mobs i get about 3-10 FPS depending on how many there are, before the patches i could take on any size and have zero slowdown to my FPS. I have ran everygame i own on their max settings (or very close to max) without a single issue. D3 ran perfectly fine before that patch, and now since the even more recent patch it bogs down the FPS even more. So i gave up and stopped playing, or "trying" to play i should say. my current specs are

W7 prof 64bit
Intel Core 2duo CPU @ 2.66GHZ (2CPUs) ~ 2.7GHZ
4gigs of RAM
Nvidia Geforce 560Ti graphics card

And yes i HAVE checked my temp levels while playing and here they are

CPU 40-50C
Motherboard 28C
Videocar 45-48C
Harddisk 31C

I also have changed all my settings and nothing works. It still gives me a low FPS.

I even updated my video card drivers thinking that might help and it didnt. So now im at a loss and cannot play the game.

Can any blue shed some light on this? wether its being worked on or not.
I know other people have experianced this. I would like to know if theres anything i can do. because currently i cant play.
While browsing the forums here i came across this thread that fixed my problem for the most part. everything went back to normal once i followed his steps. check it out

I was experiencing a similar issue after that same patch. When I first load up the game it was choppy, almost like I had really high latency. I'm using a Radeon HD 6870. I have Vertical Sync set so my game runs at 60 frames but when I first load it hovers around 13. Simply Alt + Tab and bringing the game back up has been working for me so far. My roommate wasn't having any noticeable issue until a few days ago when his Nvidia 9600 GT died on him so for now I am just counting myself lucky.

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