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- graphics on most spells
- some of the early storyline


- Maintenence several times a week (though its a new game its still excessive)
- Stealth nerfs to farming spots in a game based around farming
- Forced to play online when the servers are unstable at times
- Customer support (friends submitting tickets going unanswered for 4 days)
- Useless crafted weapons at the maximum level blacksmith
- Legendaries need a huge upgrade
- Getting ilvl 30 legendaries in an inferno whimsy run (wtf?)
I find fighting the ellites and boss's enjoyable, however many times the rewards are crap - maybe something can be given as well as random loot when you fight an epic battle so that even if loot sucks, at least you feel happy to have stuck it out. Hard to think about what, without it being exploited, but that's your job. And surely some formula could be used to determine how hard an ellite pack is (e.g. one that is near impossible to kill) and rewards can be scalled accordingly.

I like the *idea* of the blacksmith, but seriously, the items he can make for me are still around level 40 because the cost of upgrading him is just plain stupid. I'm not a *total* fail @ gaming, but I'm not a god either, and if I have over 200,000 gold at any one time I'm pretty damn pleased with myself. But when I'm expected to sink much more than that into an NPC that offers random loot rather than just spend it in the AH, it's a sadly broken feature. Why can't he upgrade what I already have? Make class specific loot (e.g. for Wizard he would always put Int on the times or whatever).

I'd like a town center that I can join, don't even care if no fighting can take place, something like Ironforge - where we can go to chat and show off equiptment/stats. Why not have a world that an unlimited number of players can join? I'm sure a lot of people can relate to the good times spent in Ironforge/Orgrimmar etc. just walking around and talking to people. So far, socialising fails in game.
I love this game, the reason i moan about the latency is because i love this game. I want to play it and not get frustrated by rubberbanding deaths or punching the air for seconds at a time.

Cinematics are freaking amazing. The cinematic/voice acting/casting team have no rivals in the gaming industry (although i only play blizzard games lol).
Let's try and keep things positive. I know people have issues and if you do keep to those threads lets keep this one going with things people LIKE about the game.

I'm surprised noone has mentioned the music, I love the atmospheric it sets personally, even the login/character select screen music I happily listen to it for ages.
answering a CM who is clearly depressed over the lack of morale on his forums with gungho and smiles through tears really doesn't serve to fix this game.

Couldn't agree more. I do not envy our CM (even though he/she is a little on the quiet side and fond of deleting posts).

Although i disagree with you about the IAS nerf. It's a little stupid how much I'm stacking IAS compared to other stats. I just wish they would BUFF other stats before nerfing the ones that people like. But oh well, just blizz doing it's thang. I'm sure it will end up Fair and Balanced :-P
Their is plenty of things that could be said to be positive and thats what our CM is trying to get at.

Yes I understand the people who have lag issues are annoyed, I'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't suffer from major lag so I'm able to enjoy the game.

But the whole point of this thread is to show what you like about the game, ignoring the lag. Whether that be your class, the cinematic's, the music, making real money whatever.

Blizzard are well aware of the lag issues we have and people being so negative and attacking others enjoying the game or not being able to see through the bad to the good is destroying this forum.

I know of people who don't even want to come here anymore just because they know if they post something they enjoy in the game the people who suffer lag will abuse and mock them, just like the positive threads that are made which get trolled by people who dislike the game or have lag issues.

The point is to see the bright side and remember your here to discuss all elements of the game, not just your negative ones.

Your negative feedback has been WELL documented and I know won't go away, their is no need to post it in a thread about the positive side of things(for every negative their is a positive).
I play a barb with current progression in early Act 3 inferno; just killed Ghom.

Things that are fun:

- Playing through normal to the end of hell, as it allows for a wider range of viable builds without the need to wear top of the range gear.*Inferno is the opposite*

- Popping WotB and seeing the transformation(animation/sounds) as your barb cleaves demons in half. Same with Call of the Ancients and Earthquake, however I despise the 2min cd .

- Covetous Shen's whacky and witty personality.

- Randomised events in each map, e.g. finding and looting the treasure of Sadar or Dabar Khan (If I remembered their names correctly), helping the necromancer kills spirits...etc. More of this please!!!

- Pony land!

- Co-op game play with friends

- The physics mechanic as you blow, smash, cleave things apart

- The story; very much like the twist of Tyreal become mortal.

The most fun I had playing D3 was during Normal - Hell for reasons already stated, it pains me though as I'm a fan of D3 and Inferno being the endgame, should be where the "FUN" really comes out. Instead I'm pigeon holed into a play style I hate in order to progress and feels like I have to earn my desired play style through what seems like tedious gold farming.
People, settle down please! Don't shoot the messenger.

We're all frustrated but abusing Arc is not gonna make it any better.
Arc should have said "general feedback" rather than "positive feedback".
I love the game. I really do.

As a person new to the Diablo franchise, I found the game both incredibly fun and interesting. Playing with friends and taking down monsters and sharing loot has certainly raised my expectations on games.

My only gripe with this game is that I have to spend $5 a month on ping lowering programs to make the game playable on Inferno. On other difficulties death is forgivable but on Inferno it just feels out right cheap.

Another issue is the Witch Doctor class. They have several issues regarding Mana costs, skill damage, attack animation and pets. What is advertised as a summoner class is an absolute lie on Inferno.

I understand that this is still early days, but I hope you pass on these concerns up the chain of command. I encourage you to read the topics (particularly on the Witch Doctor forums) regarding these issues. There really is no surprise why Witch Doctor is the least used class!

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