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I'd like to say that the lag issues that I was experiencing shortly after release have been improved drastically. I now get a solid 190 most of the time, (which is still a little high, but playable none the less). Occasionally I will get a lag spike or DC, but not nearly as much as before.

Many thanks Blizz, you've made a solid game that is very fun to play and hard to put down.
Had to tidy up this thread to keep things on topic but it is great for a change to see the feedback on some positive aspects of the game. I'll take the constructive comments on board too.

On a side note the Witch doctor is still one of my favourite classes - Shootin n scootin with the Direbats skill never gets old!
Had to tidy up this thread to keep things on topic but it is great for a change to see the feedback on some positive aspects of the game. I'll take the constructive comments on board too.

On a side note the Witch doctor is still one of my favourite classes - Shootin n scootin with the Direbats skill never gets old!

Giant toad ftw! But keep those jars of spiders away from me *shiver*

Nef valor is a great idea, before i hit 60 on my wizard i would mid fight change between ray of frost and disintegrate if a champ pack had frozen or arcane. With nef builds have to be more comprehensive.

Most of the skills are fun to use, and skill system and build system works better then i thought it would.

Ease of joining into friends games and public games.

Combat in general is fun. I like tough champions.


Latency. Every time i get hit by a projectile in inferno that i dodged, i get annoyed.

Auction House. This is not specifically RMAH. Both AHs are not a bad idea in concept, but while leveling, the loot you get is 10 levels below you. This causes the AH to be more attractive then it should be. At 60, the gimmick difficulty that is inferno makes higher item level gear makes the AH look more attractive then it should.

Inferno. It feels lazy and unrewarding. No one likes to fight a champion pack for a few minutes only to get level 55 items. Inferno also seems to reward cheap tactics and avoiding enemies if they are too hard.

End of act bosses. Probably should have been harder in all diffs. Haven't fought Azmodan or Diablo on inferno yet though.

Normal. Playing normal is like nails on a chalk board, it's so mind numbingly easy(even without OP gems), even nightmare is a bit too easy. Nightmare is at least more engaging, normal i don't want to play ever again. Some kind of a way to either skip it completely or have the enemies scaled higher would be nice. This stops me re rolling alts.

A lot of skills i feel need to be nerfed to make others look more attractive, but i'm sure this is coming.

I have been on the fence about walking away from the game completely, i hold out hope that the IAS nerf patch changes the loot drops enough to make inferno at least feel rewarding to play. If torchlight 2 comes out before Diablo 3 becomes more enjoyable, i might jump ship.
I've been exclusively playing my monk since release and it's definitely the right play style for me. Zipping around the place mostly running a1-2 farms (oasis a2 is a nice spot for melee I feel). I still remember the initial 'shock' of leaving New Tristram to go to the graveyard and promptly getting stomped 10-15 times in that journey (wow stuff hurts now).

The progression is a bit brutal but it's been constantly worked on (ie, 1.0.3 tonight) and so more people are going to be able to take down inferno diablo (recently achieved myself).

Lag issues haven't bothered me much. It's not something I feel the need to vent over. I've had rare evenings of consistent 1k pings, but things are always improving. Of course I've had many deaths relating to "dying before ability was cast" but really a major part of that is also the difficulty of the content itself and the lack of gear.

Any game which has me playing it for ~120 hours in a month must be doing something right!


Also, Yes Australia has latency issues.
But in saying that we're pretty used to them - But we DO want them fixed as much as possible.

Things I enjoy are Nightmare and Hell Modes, I kind of like how hard inferno currently is as it actually makes you have to improve as a player, but it can be offputting, loving making a new char and giving them awesome gears to breeze through levels.

Loving the Monks ability to teleport with his punches and buffing/healing the entire party.
My main chars a Wiz who's hit another brickwall in Act 3 Inferno ha.

The game itself is fun, but will need way more content end game after 1.0.3 is out.

- More dungeons like the Whimsyshire but different themes AND specific drops to specific dungeons would be really nice.

- Something to make each character a little more unique would also be nice.

- Maintenance started at 10-12 AEST instead of 8PM :P

- The zoom in on the character instead of pressing Z, I personally want a smooth transition in and out using the Mouse Wheel.

- Hardcores unplayable for Aussies. Lag spikes makes it too dangerous to play.
Agree with Creampuff here - we love the game, otherwise we wouldn't be complaining about lag - we would have simply uninstalled it and moved on with our lives to more productive things.

Arc - if you are genuine about wanting to get this forum back on track it is going to require a little more commitment than what is currently evident from you. Granted you might be working hard behind the scenes, or you might have a dozen other jobs at Blizzard, but, if you aren't going to post at least a few times a day AND make the ANZ community feel like you are a genuine advocate for our issues back into the Blizzard machine, then from our perspective, our legitimate complaints sound like they are falling on deaf ears. And because we love the game, we will just keep putting them up until we hear something useful (hell, even a comment once a week, we are still looking at the lag would help remove the flood of complaints). Certainly posts like 'everything looks fine on our end' will not help. If I can play Starcraft 2 lag free on the SEA and US server for a year solid, and haven't changed anything on my PC or internet providers, logic says, something not right on your end.

What's positive about the game? Well, most of it really. Simple fact is this, I have started 3 characters, a barb, a WD and a sorc, and in total I have played probably 80 hours of gameplay. I feel sorry for Blizzard in a way, because the bar is so high. Oblivion or Skyrim got mountains of praise for a game that delivers 80+ hours of fun game play. Basically for any game other than a Blizzard title, if you get 50 hours of quality gameplay, you get rave reviews and people happily hand over their $70-$100. Bottom line is I have received more than $70 worth of value from this game, and by the time I get the other 2 characters classes up to level 60, I will probably have invested 150+ enjoyable hours in this game. That is incredible value for money. Couple that with the patches and support this game will receive over the next 10 years and you guys have done a brilliant job. Everyone forgets that D2:LOD and the 13-14 major content patches made D2 the game we all remember and love. I have no doubt at all that D3 will get there based just on the information provided in the 1.03 patch alone.

The number one best thing about this game is that moment I get with my barb using the cleave skill with the rupture rune, sending with one swipe 25 monsters back to hell with the most satisfying explosion of gore and body parts, and meaty 'thunk' sound imagainable. So much is right with the game - I think if you resolve the lag, and improve the legendary/set drops (rate and quality) you have a brilliant game. Personally, I don't care about the maintenance outages IF you are using that time to fix the technical issues we are all complaining about. Half the time you don't explain the purpose of the maintenance, and when coupled by a lack of Blue responses on this forum, you could do some simple, simple things to make this forum more positive. Do you think you would get anything like the number of complaints on maintenance window if today's note was accompanied by a simple sentence like "tonight's maintenance will focus on server response and stability" (obviously no idea if that's what is happening tonight, but you get my point).

Fix the lag and rubber banding, fix your communication, fix the item drops. Life wil improve for everyone because you have a great foundation to fine tune from here on in. Sorry for the long post.
only thing i've found fun so far was murdering the entier QA team in a little cave called Quality Well.. to bad that kiling them in there doesnt do the same to thier prospects of ever working in the same job again

cons - lag, bad loot drops, lag, maintenance times, lag, lack of news from devs/community staff, lag, forced use of Auction houses, did i mention lag?
On a positive note with regards to latency - most of the Inferno bosses don't seem to have too many issues with latency. Bucher, Belial, Siegebreaker etc are all pretty well designed in that, if you understand the mechanics of the fight, avoiding the damage is very possible in Aussie lag. So a good example is the meteor rain in Belial Ph3 - perfectly doable with Aussie lag, but still challenging.

The downside is that Asmodan (shadow puddles) and Diablo (fire projectile that turns into a puddle) are not at all designed for Aussie lag. These are essentially unavoidable unless you are already moving in the right direction, or can use some other mechanic to avoid them - similar to the poison puddle dudes in Ph3 Siegebreaker.

So for Asmodan I had to drop a lot of HP so that Illusionist would trigger from the puddle, and then stack HP regen. For Diablo, I had to use a much longer kite path than the Americans would use, and keep him off screen, making the fight take a lot longer and phase 2 harder.

Mix of feedback, but thought you'd like to know that good fight design can really help a lot with latency issues.
I can do this feedback thing. I've got a bit of both for the blues.

My one major point of Feedback (which is negative): Lack of latency compensation makes me mad that i die to something i'm not standing in or something i should have and visibly DID avoid. (which is most fights). I know this is a design issue, but i can't understand why this has not been looked at or why it was not implemented. PvP is the only situation where this can cause notable issues. Diablo is primarily (and currently entirely) PvE. 90% of the complaints about latency would vanish completely if this was implemented.

Some Positive feedback: The game environment overall is good and i enjoy hearing my female wizard shout "YOUR DEFENSES ARE -NOTHING-" when i kill 20 enemies at once. The experience up until the higher difficulties is enjoyable. Most of the equipment looks decent, though most of the helms are terrible i enjoy the ability to dye equipment.

Some mixed feedback: The crafting system is nice to see, but ultimately the money and resources input for the output of random properties at a limited level selection is a complete waste of time as long as the AH exists. Why spend 10-15K + mats with your fingers crossed when you can spend 5K on the AH and get what you want AT YOUR CURRENT LEVEL. The entire system is redundant.
Personally I've had a great time playing D3 - I Love It

Initially I wasn't sure if I'd buy it since I ended up quitting WoW due to a lack of time (wife, kids, work, etc) do do anything meaningful in the game. But I got a guest pass the day after release, killed the skeleton king on a Demon Hunter, then logged off to upgrade the account.

Since then I've taken the Demon Hunter to the end of Normal (Softcore)
And I've just taken down the butcher in Inferno (Softcore) on my Barbarian

I've been playing the Barbarian using a Life on Hit, Tornado/Whirlwind Crit Build and either play solo or with another Barbarian who uses a Tornado Kite / Berserker Frenzy build.

So far, either solo or grouped, i've only skiped 2 elite packs, both where Invulnerable Minions with Arcane Sentry's. So far none of the other affixes have really bothered me too much... its just those 2 when are are combined.

Why are arcane sentries soooo much more powerfull than any other "AoE" type elite ability... and I ask that because, I can basically stand in the Nightmarish Pools, or the Fire... and i can run through the chains, and unless i'm stupid about it... Its not a big concern.... but it seems like a single hit from an arcane sentry is enough to ruin you day.... and 2 without healing is basically death. is there a reason they are so much stronger?
Farmed for and finished inferno on my monk.

Enjoyed the graphics and artwork, even though different to Diablo 2. Really liked the boss fights and how strategies vary between melee and range. The social UI is easy to use.

Satisfaction of killing Inferno Butcher/ Zoltan (he was annoying as a solo melee..)/ Belial/ Diablo for the first time in inferno were great memories. Also loved facetanking Belial in Hell using quickening/sweeping winds (didn't have a chance to try this in inferno though haha).

Hit a bit of a wall after killing inferno Diablo and been playing Dota 2 lately, but can't wait for PvP. Will PvP matchmaking be by location or serverwide? Would be fun to play with other Kiwis. Built in voice chat for team games would be cool. I've seen a preview of arena PvP and it looked like it included something like that?

Latency has been bad at times but on the whole its been pretty good last few weeks.

I really enjoy the skill system and find diversity to be awesome. It is a shame though at least 3+ of the skills and 2+ of the passives are in pretty much every inferno build (until people start to out-gear the content then diversity starts to return).

My flatmate is in Act 1 Hell with a Witch Doctor at the moment. He played Diablo 2 for the first time earlier in the year, and he is loving Diablo 3.

First time I killed Belial, laptop overheated and crashed (its old..), was pretty funny... His 4th phase....

9400 macbook card fix FANTASTIC

Gameplay great.

Story great.

Ease of playing with mates great

Bad to Badder:
getting friend requests asking for me to buy gold - Sucks

having server lag due to no local servers SUCKS

having server downtime at prime time every week on my one truly free night a week SUCKS BIG TIME

Overall, love the game, but there are two things that are stopping me from being able to play it
C'mon Aussies / Kiwis, the title of this thread is positive feedback, not post your full thoughts on D3. All the bad / negative feedback I have seen in this thread has been covered ad-nauseum in countless other threads so cant we do what Arcagnion has requested and keep this thread for POSITIVE feedback? It really isn't too hard of a concept to understand is it?

I'm having a great time in game and I have enjoyed the entire overall experience even though I'm what most people here would call a casual (lame) gamer. Of course I get stuck in places and I get frustrated and stop playing for a couple of days here and there, but I'm the first to admit that this is my own issue for many reasons including L2Play, L2Gear etc.

Yay for Blizz and D3!
Had to tidy up this thread to keep things on topic but it is great for a change to see the feedback on some positive aspects of the game. I'll take the constructive comments on board too.

On a side note the Witch doctor is still one of my favourite classes - Shootin n scootin with the Direbats skill never gets old!

Soooo my constructive feedback post gets deleted... the blizzard gestapo are out in force once again...

Well there is a difference with positive feedback and constructive feedback and as the thread title says positive feedback then constructive feedback belongs in another thread (of which there are already many)

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