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Hey all, ideally I would love to get this forum back on track and discuss a greater variety of local topics.

We have and will continue to highlight all player feedback regarding latency when playing from Aus/NZ. The last post made on this is in the further info sticky. At this time we don’t have any updates to add regarding RMAH, latency or maintenance windows.

So for this week, I think it would be worth highlighting some positive feedback from Aus/NZ players. Let me know what works, what you like and any other surprises that you have found and I will pass this feedback on also.

I'll be honest, there is no positive feedback that I can give that wouldn't be equally valid in general discussion, however I will say that maintenance times haven't been as intrusive as they had been (I honestly can think of nothing but negative feedback when it comes down to local issues).
06/18/2012 05:16 PMPosted by Arcagnion
it is great for a change to see the feedback on some positive aspects of the game

Wait, What? This game has positive aspects

Cut-scenes looked freaking amazing.
Oh I forgot about the armour and such, I do love the 'look' of the characters and I admit to being abit vain with my hero, although after today I'm really not sure. I now look like some kind of skull demon with breasts: http://users.on.net/~link22/Diablo/Screenshot017.jpg
I have few positive feedback:
1.Amazing 3d cut scene quality
2.Leah is all diablo's series hottest babe toon i have met.
3.Gameplay is great fun due to Skill system and rune system.
4.AH is great for spend unwanted gold to get my wanted item to avoid sunk time to farm gear.
5.Follower is very useful and much better than Diablo 2 one.

However I never get Diablo 3 exp until they put aussie local server.
Fun you say.

Well, I'm originally a WoW player, and I hate melee classes there (except for my pally tank). I tried a wizard in D3, and didn't enjoy it. I rolled a monk, and fell in love.

The story line is pretty awesome, and the graphics (from the bridge in Act 1, or the edges of the platforms in Act 4) are amazing!

The main gripe I have is Inferno Act 2, but we'll see how things are tomorrow. I'm tired of dying repeatedly (maybe I just suck)

It would be nice if the enchantress could get some new lines of conversation though. I've muted the game for now.
I'm sorry if this is negative but I will voice my opinion.

My class: Monk
Stage: Act 3 Inferno Heart of Sin
Game Type: Softcore

In the past latency actually never bothered me too much. I would die here and there because of it, but for the past 3-5 days (actually since the latest patch) my latency has spiked a significant amount. I know you don't want to hear about that so I'll move on.

What I've found feasible for me playing the game as a Monk is being able to use LOH with attack speed.

I'm a monk, but i have no idea what LOH is.. what is it?
Blizz has made changes on wow that have just killed toons.. what can u do.. nothing.. just lament thier demise and move on..
I had this one toon at band camp once.. he was a hunter wearing +1k ish healing gear for mend pet, coz my scorpid was a tank, and i was his healer, and blizz nerfed +healing on mend pet.. i was crushed.. but what could i do about it.. seriously..
I've enjoyed the game so far. Have a lvl 60 Barb, lvl 51 DH, lvl 27 Wizard and lvl 15 Monk.

I've actually found the legendaries a fun part of the game. 4 so far, all useful (just found a broken crown with my Wizard which slotted in nicely). Sold the Justice Lantern on RMAH for more than the game cost me so overall pretty happy.

I also think the core gameplay is perfect and the fun in hacking and slashing through the game is unmatched.

Skills and skill animations are great. I've also enjoyed messing around with builds and am surprised how much a build can change with just one or two rune changes. For example, stun grenades on my DH made such a great and unexpected addition.

I've also enjoyed reading the forum complaints and then finding out most of the issues are due to people not playing the game. For example, a bit of mob control (such as stun) and movement skills (such as leap) go a long way in inferno.

Thanks for the game, I like it a lot.

Ps Lol at everyone not being positive in this thread
The problem with this thread is positive feedback is worth much less then constructive feedback.

Negative feedback represents ways things can become better.

Positive feedback, while fun to read is really just 'patting us on our backs for the things we like'

You know all the positive feedback you need is? THE SALES!

If you read the forums you'll see a lot of the positive feedback as well as the negative feedback that can be used to make the game better.

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