Making WD more likable.

Witch Doctor
If blizzard change the voice of WD(M) with the voice of Alkor from D2 Act III. (If added his personality in speech would be even better.)
If Blizzard made Witch Doctor as good as any other class I would thoroughly enjoy them
I do not like the male witch doctor. The voice, the animation... I don't know, it's weird

The female witch doctor on the other hand, has a really good voice. She sounds wise, calm, like she really can commune with the spirits. I love her accent :)
I could not possibly disagree more. I think the male WD is the best voiced character in the game, including non-playable NPCs.

I happen to enjoy the appearance of the character as well.

Not even sure where to begin trying to analyze the Nelson Mandela comment, so I won't.

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