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I'm just curious to know how many others are at the same point I am. I bought D3 the night it came out. Stayed up to ~4:30am in an excited yet exhausted heap. I skipped all my responsibilities for a week as I marathoned Normal, Nightmare and Hell mode. I struggled through inferno to be one of the first legit kills on Belial on Inferno as a barbarian. And then I just quit. I realized I wasn't having fun. The items weren't very good, could have just been bad RNG. The maps weren't random like D2, I knew precisely where to go and where all the good champion packs and rares were. And ultimately it was a frustrating gear grind. It dawned on me Diablo 3 was just simply World of Warcraft with some Diablo paint on it.

Then I realized that, just like WoW, I don't want to play this. This isn't fun. I do enjoy games where I collect and better a characters. Especially if I can show that character off on the internet. But the process needs to be fun. It's in the journey rather than the destination. I of course switched to my favorite game (Monster Hunter) to fill the unsatisfied gap I had somewhere in my heart. I realized today that I haven't even touched Diablo 3 in almost 2 weeks. I think of this and then think about how I played Diablo 2 just last summer. That game I played for a decade and never became bored of it. Every summer my friends and I would get together and play it and have a blast, trying a little something new. And I can't even compare Diablo 3 to Diablo 2. It's apples and oranges now.

I'm not mad at Blizzard, or Activision. I don't hate anyone or anything. I'm just...sad. I just wish this game had something. I don't know what it is, but it just doesn't capture my heart and imagination like it's predecessor. And I truly wish it did.
Not me. Me and my group of friends love the game. =)
I feel the exact same way, OP. I would have preferred another expansion for D2 instead of what we now have as D3, but perhaps that's because I'm a lore junkie.

D3's story is awful. It has fun, fast-paced gameplay, but I can't say I like much else about it... and the RMAH was the final nail in the coffin for me.

If you want a game that is very very similar to Diablo 2 with some hints of Diablo 1 in terms of gameplay, you should look up Torchlight. The first one isn't multiplayer, but Torchlight 2 will be. It comes out next month.

(I'm not recommending a non-blizzard game just to spite blizzard, I'm recommending it as a game quite similar to Diablo 2. It is made by the same people after all. Same musicians too.)
Heh, I hear you. I thought that the story was just a cop-out filler story that was when boiled down just a rehash of Diablo's (1) story. But I wasn't going to comment on it because I don't want to insult the game. That part is my opinion. I just wanted to see where other people are at in their D3 experience.
I love torchlight and have been eagerly waiting the release of the sequel =)
It's already been discussed to death.

The game isn't fun because the AH means that very soon you stop getting upgrades for drops, and the game becomes an AH-driven gold-grind.

If the game is going to be based around free trading, then there is no way to get around this. You either have interesting trading and boring gold grinding, or you somehow nerf trading (which goes against the whole of what Diablo is about).
I agree the game would be better if they didnt allow anyone who likes WoW to work on it lol, WoW sucks and diablo is a diff game and liked by much more intelligent people. Diablo 2 was amazing but yea grinding is starting to take its toll on me with such little payoff
I dont agree with people who think AH ruined it, its ruined for potion cooldowns and townportal cooldowns and teleport cooldowns and all other cooldowns meant to slow it down for slow noobs, diablo is a fast paced cool persons game. I guess WoW has them thinking were all slow and dumb though like all its players, look at it this way, if they added an auction house to diablo 2 I would probably just go play it lol. Auction house isnt to blame, its the lack of random levels, the shortness of the game overall, and the lame imbalanced monsters in inferno that still dont even drop squat.
06/16/2012 10:07 AMPosted by PeachMango
Auction house isnt to blame, its the lack of random levels, the shortness of the game overall, and the lame imbalanced monsters in inferno that still dont even drop squat.

I'd fully agree with this. The AH and even the real money one isn't killing the game. Take it from me, I have a very large amount of disposable income. My friends and I joked that "They'd carry me until the RMAH opened, then once I have all the best gear I'd carry them." It was funny because at the time of saying it. It was 100% true. But now I won't do this simply because I won't have fun playing Diablo 3. Like I said, it's in the journey. This is the reason I absolutely love the Monster Hunter franchise. A franchise you probably haven't even heard of. Because when it's boiled down I need a Rathalos Tail to make my new sword. But the best part is fighting the Rathalos, accurately predicting the movements of this massive dragon. Juking at the last second to unleash the perfect strike clean severing the dragons tail. A quick carve and I have what I was looking for. Now to finish the rest of it!

And that is fun. And that has replay value.
If they would have gone to the effort to properly test the game, fire Jay Wilson for his horrible design decisions, and then properly balanced the game when Jay Wilson no longer works there(and thus has no say in what happens), then the game would be spectacular.

The actual controlling of the characters and throwing off skills is fantastic. It's really well done. The problem lies in both the difficulty, and the complete uselessness of most skills, including skill setups that were absurdly fun that Blizzard just nerfed into the ground because people were having too much fun.
It dawned on me Diablo 3 was just simply World of Warcraft with some Diablo paint on it.

Wow was diablo 2 with some paint on it. So if you don't like WoW and you don't like diablo 3, maybe you just don't like blizzard games anymore. no big deal, just go game something else?

06/16/2012 10:22 AMPosted by TrooperChunX
Wow was diablo 2 with some paint on it.

I don't agree with this at all. In the beginning of WoWs history you can absolutely see where Diablo had it's influence on the game but it is still a very different game design than Diablo 2. World of Warcraft felt like it's own game and not Diablo 2 with paint on it.
Game isn't bad just Rewards aren't there... Drop rates are horrendous and to top it all off Blizzard doesn't care. Even rumors of Ninja drop rate nerfs in which I can believe due to forum post that are 20+ pages long and the 150+ hrs of gameplay I have given this game.

Game will pick up once 1.0.3 hopefully, but Guildwars 2 will be on the horizon.. Idk bliz I beat inferno and I am not impressed with whats currently going on. I don't think I can stomach another month of this knowing something fresh and new is on the verge of being released.
I would say it's a collection of things that makes this a disappointment.

- Lack of interesting drops from beginning to end. Diablo is supposed to be a loot fest, this is not. I have no gear on that I found, zero. That would be unheard of in Diablo/Diablo 2.

- Dumbing down of skill system. Why? Because Tweedle Dee can't use more than 1-4 and 2 mouse buttons?
I miss having to remember the 20+ keybinds for all my skill that I'd use. Not every skill was constantly used in D1/D2 but there were times and places for any of them. Ex. On my Hydra/Metor Sorc, I had some gear with + Frozen Orb. I had my array of fire but could whip out Frozen Orb when needed or skip TP and have +Telelport gear item. Etc...
There's nothing wrong with keybinds, it keeps your mind sharp and your skills up. This is like a visit to Sesame Street. I am used to game like Diablo 2, Tribes 2 (where you had to use 80 keys if you wanted to be great), even my WoW setup used most of my keyboard + Clique + Grid in a healer role, keybinds are not scary, we're not that box of rocks you think we are.

- Punishing mobs. D2 had EF,LE,SS,ES Stygian Doll as the OMG I'M GONNA DIE mob but here, it's a little over the top, invulnerable, really? Is that fun? I could kill EF,LE,SS,ES Stygian Doll in D2 with kiting and corner hugging and strategy. Here? VORTEX, INVULNERABLE, + maybe add in MORTAR and or EXTRA FAST or MOLTEN or whatever. Really, is this fun? For whom? I'd rather suffer a steel wire brush enema.

- 4 player games only? Wow, was I disappointed when I saw 4. Also, there's no way to select which games you can join. I'm so sick of joining a 1 player public game where the 1 is afk and or logs as soon as you join. I understand that a lot of games get to fail mode when VORTEX, INVULN, MORTAR, EXTRA FAST appears in an area you need to go, so the entire game disintegrates. It's frustrating.

I'm not quitting yet, I'm going to give it some time, but I am definitely disappointed in a Blizzard release for the first time I can ever remember. Blizzard has always knocked it out of the park when releasing a game. This feels like an infield dribbler.

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