Please fix Wiz/Witch Doctor.

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I'm a DH with 75k dps and it's not fair that witch doctors and wizards get to use all their ranged spells/abilities without needing a bow/crossbow.

How is it fair that they can use any weapon in the game, and I'm stuck with bows/crossbows/handbows as my ONLY options if I want to use more than half of my abilities?
Pretty sure the username sums up everything we need to know.
You must be Delusional! Pun intended.
Trolling? Or you have no idea how a wiz/wd works.

Wiz I think are fine , WDs on the other hand need a huge buff , way to many skills on long CDs and all of that depending on a very very slow regening resource that ALL of their skills including primary skills consume.

A lot of the WD seemed to balanced around pets imo , example you can't spam grasp of the dead like a wiz'z blizzard but that's ok cause your garguatuan is taking some of the heat for you.
The big big problem with this is that pets die in 1 or 2 hits in inferno leaving a WD to depend on either a vision quest spam build (which only works with very very very high dps) or depending on all those CC and snares that all have CDs while consuming mana leaving OOM half the fight.

DH get all there defense skills tyed to it's own resource leaving them free to unload all there offense and still have a full bar to spend on defense , oh and smokescreen the DH's version of spirit walk/diamond skin the basic "OH SH!t" button has no CD!

but no your right those WDs are the most OP class in the game.
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Wait, you have the highest DPS in the game and you want other classes nerfed?

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