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I've been a fan of Blizzard for a long, long time. I have no agenda behind this post and nothing to gain from writing it.

On the subject of this game, I'm not saying it doesn't have it's good points, i'm still playing it, mostly because I enjoy farming currency and acquiring top gear sets in whatever game I'm currently playing. But...

Look at the game objectively please. It has a campaign that roughly takes 6-10 hours to complete on normal, much less if you're just trying to clear it ASAP. The only thing they did to increase the difficulty was increase enemy health pools, damage and add an affix slot. The bosses have the same mechanics. It's about the most half a%^ed way a company could go about lengthening the time it takes to complete a game, after normal mode there is NO NEW CONTENT.

And to those of you defending it, if you think the RMAH isn't a feature implemented solely to squeeze every last drop of money out of the community then you're naive beyond comprehension. There is no need for it, games have been great without resorting to a real money system.

I enjoy difficulty, I don't have a sense of entitlement. Wanting a game with incentive to farm content doesn't make people entitled little snots. For those of you that have yet to clear inferno, ask yourself this: What am I spending hours farming act X for? So I can go kill diablo? he has the same mechanics and is the same exact fight I've already cleared 3 times. There is no prestige or honor in killing him. If/when you do finally kill him...Grats, you're the best farmer with the most time on your hands or you bought a buncha gear from the RMAH and/or you got extremely lucky with item drops and were able to make the gold to buy what you needed to kill him, YAY FOR YOU!

It's awful design. I'm at the point now where I'm one shotting most packs in act 3 and could go clear act 4 if I wanted to but I see no reason to. Most likely I'll stop playing before I feel like going and killing him. Really the only enjoyment I'm getting out of this right now is trying to farm enough gold/money to buy the complete t16 set for myself, just cause I like the way it looks all together.

In my opinion, Blizzard needs to just stop making sequels and riding the coat tails of past development teams.

I love them for all they've made to this point but this game has made me seriously question the direction they're taking. I guess i'll reassess them whenever they decide to make something original. Good or bad D3 wasn't an original concept and had a lot of hype to live up to because of 1 & 2 so I guess I can let it slide.

The Blizzard of today isn't the Blizzard of 10 yrs ago. It's time they released something of their own now and let us see who they really are today.

TL;DR - View the game objectively. It's a dungeon crawl with a boring and short campaign, no new mechanics on higher difficulties, ridiculously RNG based loot system, ridiculously RNG based enemy generation with affix combos that make some packs impossible causing you to have to restart your game and lose NV stacks, a real money auction house aimed at siphoning money out of the community little by little, enemy abilities that are one shots and are unavoidable regardless of skill or twitch reflexes, classes that are broken and endgame features that didn't make launch but should have.
This is what I did. When I first started playing I saw issues but I ignored them because of my love of Diablo.

Then me and my friend finally one night just started saying, "you know what, this game sucks"

It's a colossal failure. compared to what it should have been.
This man is a liar, and he will never stop playing. LOL
06/16/2012 02:47 PMPosted by PRANA
This man is a liar, and he will never stop playing. LOL

LOL ya got me.
I said the same thing in my complaint to Blizzard wanting to back out of the annual pass deal. Right on OP. I called it a 12 hour game, instead of an 8-10 hour game, but everything else is the same.

To the point, Blizzard told me I agreed to a contract and if I stop paying, they will pursue me as much as the law would allow.
06/16/2012 02:35 PMPosted by Arnathis
For those of you that have yet to clear inferno, ask yourself this: What am I spending hours farming act X for? So I can go kill diablo? he has the same mechanics and is the same exact fight I've already cleared 3 times.

And this is the number one reason why D3 will never live up to D2. No one enjoyed running the same content run after run. People put up with it, because the reward was worth the effort.

They've reduced the drop rates to force players to turn to the RMAH and attempt to draw out game life. I.E., they took a boring game mechanic, and made it even more boring. Further, the rewards are not worth it. Legendaries suck, and the only difference between a godly lvl 61 item and a godly lvl 63 item is slightly higher numbers. The stats are exactly the same, just slightly higher.

Add to a boring game design while reducing the reward of playing is what will kill Diablo 3. Players can try and defend it by saying no modern game is released in good quality, but this is a core element. To change this, they would have to completely overhaul the game. I just don't see them doing so, nor am I going to stick around waiting for it.
My first ever game as a kid was Warcraft 1: orcs and humans. I have been a blizz fan my whole life but this game feels like it was put together in a few months rather then 13 years.

The whole game feels to me to have been put together for the sole purpose of the RMAH and for more money grabbing. They discourage group play with harder difficulties for more players when they difficulty is already one, two, three shot for most range classes. The affixes are all fun and games until you get a real screwed up one like firechains, teleport, fast, jailer or jailer, mortar, desecrater, ANYTHING and you can't even change skills to develop a different strategy; you just have to skip them if you can't take them down or reload the game.

The storyline was pathetic. Sorry blizz but I see you saying you got heaps of positive feedback about it but honestly you could tell exactly what was happening and what would happen the entire time. All the big enemies tell you exactly what they're doing or going to do. Mr fantastic liar was utterly pathetic and Mr great general was even worse. It was so obvious that Adria was evil as soon as I met her.

Honestly, I expected a lot more for the amount of time in between diablo games and I am extremely disappointed. I can no longer tell my friends that "it's ok at least blizzard is still making great games even if we can't rely on the other game producers to do so".
I wish the game was better............Big let down
This is why I loved diablo 2.

Everyone tried to build around getting to hell but sometimes that just doesn't work for singleplayer.

in D2 there were plenty enough drops to make the game fulfilling for the player as there were low level greens and uniques that were even sometimes still useful in hell.

I've made plenty of characters builds around normal and nightmare modes because they weren't very fun/difficult to play into hell. I was able to gear the up to the point where they rocked normal or nightmare but would get *#%!d in hell, i was fine with that. Because the content was the same it didn't matter to me that I couldn't reach hell. I just called the characters and their builds normal dif char nm diff char. The loot in diablo 2 was balanced around the difficulties and not necessarily character progress. In diablo 3 the loot is just terrible and linear, nothing of it is of significance or use in any act. Its all filler loot all the way to inferno where you can tell thats where they wanted people to progress, because any retarded noob can blindly hack through normal and nightmare and even hell
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OP should get some love.

Appreciate it
Yea I mean I don't want to bash it too hard, I am still playing it so it isn't the worst game in history but the people defending it till their dying breath are just lost.

I really do wish Blizzard would put something new out; and i mean new from the ground up.
Have faith in 1.03.

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