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I just got this game, figuring if I was going to be clicking away at a game, I may as well try and earn a couple extra bucks here and there. So I dedicated myself to it and jumped back into the Diablo world. Sadly, the only cell phone in the house is my girlfriend's Virgin Mobile. It's ridiculous that I paid for a game and can't use it's full functionality without a cell phone contract. Shouldn't something like this be under the system requirements?!? Let's get this fixed Blizzard!!
Bump, and I'm going to bump this every day if I have to until Blizzard acknowledges us and makes some form of attempt to right this situation!
Daily Bump.
Not so easy to remember to bump this everyday. BAH!
There is nothing Blizzard is going to do. In fact you would be better off calling your carrier and the ILEC/LEC that originally assigned the number.

Many services disallow VOIP/pre-paid phones because it destroys the entire point of having a # you know is connected to a specific individual. You'll find services like Craigslist deny the use of pre-paid/VOIP #'s in some of their heavily spammed sections specifically because its a !@#$ load harder for a spammer/bot to setup and use real cell phone accounts without creating an actual paper trail.

Bottom line is Blizzard isn't going to change this practice. The RMAH is already a large liability to them lawsuit wise, this is one additional data point to help should a case be brought by an individual scrupulous or otherwise.

Sorry, give up.
Bump. No, I'll not give up.
RMAH isnt broken, your AH skills are broken
Bump, this is disappointing; I'd like an explanation on why they wont accept pre-paids.
Bump. I have a Galaxy S3, confirmed with AT&T that my number was originally issued by them and in their database as a cell phone and not VOIP yet SMS Battle Protect insists that it is. Fail Blizz. Major fail. Blizz says change my number for this to work. What if the new number I get also fails? This is not fool proof. Please fix this or lets get some Blue insight.
So I have a prepaid phone, too. I was skimming through some posts just to see if there was other options available.

One thing I haven't seen mentioned here, and that may be on Blizz's list, is that not everyone has unlimted everything on their phones.

Just as an example... Let's say I have a phone with a very low balance and I pay a horrible rate for text messages (10c or more on some prepaid plans). Something happens with my BNet account and Blizz starts blowing up my phone with text messages...each one costing me a dime until my phone shuts off because my balance is zero. What am I going to do? I'm going to get mad at Blizzard because they used up my phone balance providing a service I actually signed up for.

That having been said, I think it's ridiculous, too! :P I have unlimited texting, the phone is registered and connected to me through the carrier, contract or not.
I do not have VOIP, I do not have a pre-paid plan. I have a normal contract phone that I've had since 2005. Still doesn't work; it won't let me sign up for SMS protect, saying my phone number is VOIP. I'm also incredibly frustrated.

Please fix this Blizzard!
Is it because I am in Canada? I have a prefix of 780-399-xxxx, it would appear that who ever it is thinks that this is a prepaid, but I have had it under contract for 10+ years now. There has to be some way to get this scrap fixed. :/
I applaud your necro sir. I ain't even mad.
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