How do you attack with an equipped weapon??

Witch Doctor
All I can do is use the dart pipe thing. How do you use an equipped weapon? Whats the key?

lol what
Turn on elective mode.
And there is no point in using the equipped weapons.Your left click abilities always do more damage.
Just drag the skill off and it'll default to your basic weapon attack.
If you WANT to, you can drag whatever is in your left click button and leave it bare. The bare button will use your weapon. You will also use your weapon if you do not have the resource for the spell.
Well that sucks.
No matter how many times I try it wont let me drag the skill off the LMB slot and yes elective mode is checked... What gives?
assign a skill (any skill) on left click slot, now assign the same skill on the right click slot (or any other slot).

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