Inferno Belial and a monk

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Anyone wanna help a monk out on a Belial kill ?
I've got 515 resist
33k hp
19.5k dps before buffs
And 5500 armor

I'd appreciate it a lot, this guy has been a thorn in my side and none of the people I normally play with are online to help.
Belial is a cake walk for a monk. If you can't handle him by yourself, you're doing something wrong.

I know this because I can solo Belial as a monk. I have the same armor as you, a lot more HP, higher resists, and lower DPS. The trick is to dodge the exploding poison wells - as in, don't stand in them.
It is those exploding wells that get me. O well I guess I'm back to the grind
I always immediately heal when I get hit by one. One hit takes away almost half of my HP - I can take two hits and survive, but I'm nearly dead.

Don't be afraid to use the enchantress for her armor buff and attack speed buff.
Movement speed boots > Belial. Once you're in phase 3, the only thing that should ever hit you as a monk is maybe breath.

If you really need help, post your tag and I'll see if I can help.

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