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How much will it cost me to upgrade a 2003/2004 Windows XP desktop to mid or high performance in diablo 3?

Windows XP Professional
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.66GHz
SiS 650_651_M650_M652_740 (SiS 651 Rev 00)
DirectX 9.0C
224 MB RAM
37.2 GB HDD

Instead buying a new PC, can i save any money by upgrading this one? If yes(or no), what parts should I upgrade? Any recommendation?

Well, I doubt you're Mobo could handle any fairly decent Processor, RAM either for that matter. I would certainly suggest a whole new computer, and a budget build is most definitely possible, considering D3 isn't the most demanding game.

I would suggest spend awhile looking through these forums

Specifically this thread

and if you do decide on specific parts, Newegg.com is you're best bet for parts. A planned budget would be a good thing to start with.
I just got it to work on xp. After it shows the error message, close the message but leave the installer open. It will stay at 0% the entire time, but if you wait an hour or two, diablo 3 icon will appear on your desktop and it works.
Your system is very outdated, and seeing you didn't mention your graphics card, it's not going to be very fun playing on it.

Recommending to build your own. Check this thread out:
how do i upgrade from the starter version to the full version. ive looked EVERYWHERE.

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