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You don't like the game? fair nuff, tbh who cares. end of

Now, I haven't seen any useful guides, or anything extensive enough to be made in sticky threads that can help the community appreciate the game better.

I've read and seen some youtube adds of goldsellers saying they will tell you for cheap the creepiest secrets on how to play d3 and how doing that pissed off all the hardcore players...
as if we were still in the 90's... dudes its global, and everyone is just a tiny little cog, this improvised 'western' chinese farmer STAR could only fool winny the pooh, and just barely....

Truth is, there are no real secrets, you can play on the market to make money or know good farming spots, the game has nothing to do with pro gamers until pvp comes, so don't buy any guide that will only tell you what you can find out yourself in a month of playing.

Class forums, still dont have threads with specs, and websites are attempting to sell such stuff. Every other game i have played has a sticky about specs on each class, even SWTOR. so lets start making them.

Other issues could be farm spots and guides, on how to see particular events/places, or even a sticky which sums up all easter eggs found by players.

All this info should be provided by the community for the community, the fact that there are gamers out there trying to sell ( I mean SELL) basic info to casual players is OUR (gamers) fault not blizzards.
Since this game has incorporated real economic sociology to a game it has spawned real world effects. You are essentially saying you don't like free market capitalism and despise entrepreneurs for doing something well and capitalizing on that advantage for profit.

Rest of your post is non sense. Class threads post lots of ideas on how to survive Inferno, Monks are a working community providing feedback on what works and what doesn't.
everything that "helps" the community/casual players will get nerfed anyway, so why bother writing a guide, the second everyone will use ABC (ABC does not include just killing champion mobs) will get nerfed anyway so...

the guide would go like this:

Point 1: Run around and kill champion mobs

guide end
Point 2: How to transfer money from your bank account into your Blizzard account for the RMAH.

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