When is Diablo 3 PvP coming out....

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To argue the point that D3 makes 15m compared to our 85m, the 85m is distributed among many more people than the 15m in D3. D3 sold 6.3m copies in the first week. I don't know how many total but it is deemed the #1 sold PC game. So 6.3m x an average of 65-70 USD gives about 410m dollars. We can say they net at least 200m. So yes, D3 is swimming in money.

If their total of lets say (highly underestimated) 220m USD is divided among >.1% of D3 involved people, and ours total is 85m (minus the millions spent in RMAH) is spread around about the other 99.9% of D3 involved persons. It is very reasonable to assume that the studios for D3 is "swimming in money" comparatively to the players money.


P.S. D3's 410m USD gross was in the FIRST WEEK of sales. Think of the money growth since then.
Too late games already dead
Hopefully never.

It's going to be arena-style PvP and they'll probably do all sorts of nerfing and fun-crushing to make the game even more stale.

Balance = Fairness

Fairness = Fun

Want to just play PvE, then do so and stop bagging on PvP where pro's want to play.
My gear isint the best by any means but with my monk I have farmed act 4 inferno many many times. My DH is fast behind him and barb behind him. Im tired of fighting a computer already. I have well got my $60 outa the games plus some so I'm not crying, I jus want the thing that influenced 50% of my purchase. Give me pvp.
Judging by how Wow PVP is...I am hopping that the answer is never
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Too late games already dead
Probably never, they already made their share of profit and still get it from the AH. So, perhaps Neverwinter Nights is the best choice.
Sorry guys, welcome to the Gaming Totalitarianism (or, Communism), pvp ain't gonna happen/
I have an idea, how about Blizzard holds up their end of the bargain, i paid $50 for this game with the complete intention of using pvp more than anything. The game itself gets boring as balls without having some new content thrown in every once in a while.
pvp is out in 2013 like in march+i dont really care too much right now but it would be cool!
they are taking to long :(....

Post made in 6/18/2012

It is now 7/15/2013

After a lot of consideration and discussion, we ultimately felt that delaying the whole game purely for PvP would just be punishing to everyone who's waiting to enjoy the campaign and core solo/co-op content, all of which is just about complete.

...you'll be having a blast leveling characters, finding items, learning the classes, and perfecting builds...

I loved getting my perfected builds nerfed, my legendaries at the beginning of the game to be completely useless, and the classes being inflexible.

R.I.P. Diablo Franchise

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